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  1. Well I didn't remember I already posted here. You see in Belgium and France we have laws that allow consumers to have their privacy respected... Such a shame other countries don't apply such things. Thanks anyway, I will just change my password to avoid finding it on another russian website.
  2. Hi, I won't use my account any longer so I'd like you to delete it and everything related to it (except posts). Thank you Vincent
  3. Hi, I'm not using my account anymore... Is this possible to delete it ? I'm trying to remove my old unused accounts, mainly for security reasons. Thank you in advance jibi049
  4. Hi, I'm new here, sorry for my English but i'm belgian i've the last version of CCleaner (1.39.502) on my computer (xp sp2). if i make a registry clean, it found about 300 errors with quicktime ... In fact i deleted some languages in the Quicktime folder (all the XX.lproj , but not the fr.lproj). CCleaner found that they have been deleted, so i repair, but if i make a new scan, these 300 errors are already there. It seems to be a bug: Thanks Vincent Edit: same problem with adaware (see the screenshot)
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