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  1. I recently cloned my 1st hard drive to a 2nd hard drive. In the process some of my Firefox profile files, on the cloned hard drive, were marked as the default ones. But when I run CCleaner (5.00.5050) Free, it's cleaning the non-default Firefox files on the 1st hard drive, even though they aren't the ones being updated every time I use Firefox. I realize this is an unusual situation, but is there a way to set CCleaner to clean the Firefox files on the 2nd hard drive. And it's not just the Firefox files, but my WinXP temp files (and others) on the cloned hard drive as also the ones be
  2. I don't see the attachment, so here it is again.
  3. This is bizzare...something must be compromising my browser, or the piriform website. I just went to http://www.piriform.com/products, which different from the /downloads page, yet when I clicked on the download button up popped the same download window with the "wml" file wanting to be downloaded. I then went to the /builds download page and was able to download the correct file (rcsetup153.exe). I've been using Palemoon on Windows XP. I just switched to Firefox 44 and tried the www.piriformcom/Recuva page. I scrolled down to Recuva Free, clicked on the Download button and up pop
  4. Here's the link I got it from: http://www.piriform.com/recuva/download When you get to that page, go to the left side where it says Recuva Free. Then below it are two download links so pick the one from Piriform.com. Then double click on it and when the Open or Save File window pops up you will see the name of the file I was asking about. It's called text/vnd/wap/wml and it's from www.piriform.com I don't know where your link comes from, and looking at the Piriform website headers at the top of the page, none of them drops down to any section called "builds". Do you suppose I reach
  5. I just downloaded Recuva free version, and it's a file with an unrelated name and extension that my neither computer (or myself) has a clue what to do with? Do I need to download another software to open this obscure .wml file? And then what? Looking inside the file I see a long list of scripts(?), but nothing to indicate I just downloaded an application. My suggestion is how about some instructions to be read before the download is attempted. Or how about a more common type download file that anyone can open? In the meantime, I'm stuck and not wanting to spend half an hour scourin
  6. When I first started using CCleaner, about 8 months ago, it worked well and I preferred using it because it was faster at deleting the Norton Protected Files in the Norton Protected Recycle Bin. But for some reason in the past few months it stopped deleting those files and now I have to do it manually. I just upgraded to the latest version, 1.39.502, but the problem remains. I do have checked "empty recycle bin" in CCleaner settings. Not sure what else I can do, all the other settings look ok. Any suggestions? jc
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