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  1. Every time I try to install version 526 on my windows 10 64bit computer it stalls halfway through installation and shows a message "Error opening files for writing", and I have to abort the installation. I don't rename or in any way alter, amend or tamper with the files. It's never happened before in any previous version.
  2. It seems to me that CCleaners days are numbered. Once again the latest free version is unable to touch the IE or Edge Browers and I am having to use the built in browser tools manually every day. After the last incidence of this problem the next version of CCleaner worked for a while. Come the latest Microsoft updates it again ceased to clean and skips both browsers I'm using. Zone Alarm also dislikes it and refuses to allow it to "make changes" to certain things. I've used CCleaner for years and always found it excellent, but it isn't now, for whatever reason. And the bottom line is, I need a tool on which I can rely.
  3. Brought home the church's old Asus laptop recently upgraded to Windows 7 from Vista, running IE as a browser and free ZoneAlarm firewall and Avira antivirus. Updated to the latest CCleaner and ran it. No problem at all. All cleaned. Clearly my Edge on my laptop is broken. A straightforward reset to default didn't work - nothing changed. I am now planning to go down the route of uninstalling it completely (found a video on You Tube with instructions) and starting over with it. As CCleaner is working perfectly on my tablet and both the church computers, all of which I set up with their various bits of software, then I think my notebook and Edge has the problem. Not CCleaner.
  4. Went back to an older version of CCleaner and now it is cleaning IE but still skipping Edge. Meanwhile have become an expert on manual cleanings of cookies.......
  5. Worse and worse. I have access to the church computer too. Same age as mine, same OS Windows 10 64 bit. Using Edge browser and IE same as mine. I have put free ZoneAlarm firewall and a different antivirus on that laptop from my own laptop. CCleaner works properly on the church laptop. Same as it works on my tablet which has free ZoneAlarm Firewall but the same antivirus as my laptop. Nothing I can do will make it work on my own machine. My notebook has been "fiddled with" a whole lot more than the tablet I don't use much or the church computer I'm not supposed to fiddle with..... Did I, and maybe others, sabotage our own pcs somehow when "customising" settings somewhere?
  6. It isn't working on my pc either, not for Edge or for IE> It skips them. Resetting hasn't changed anything.
  7. Interesting observation last night In addition to my laptop I also have a little reconditioned Linx tablet which was Windows 8 but is now Windows 10 courtesy of the man who sells secondhand IT stuff. It has a problem. it can't do the latest Flash Player update. Something complicated has gone wrong and for days it's been failing to install. Last night I ran CCleaner on the tablet, expecting the usual refusal to clean. Didn't happen. CCleaner worked PERFECTLY on the tablet. No missed cookies, no problem closing Edge. Wonder if there's any connection to the failed Flash update. Flash is built into Edge on Windows 10. CCleaner is still not working on my laptop which has the updated Flash Player.
  8. I have Windows 10, 64bit, a clean reinstall done in October on an 11 month old Acer Aspire V. It's a Generic copy of Windows 10 installed by Curry's Pc World repair team when they replaced the motherboard, and the computer doesn't actually know it's an Acer any longer as a result, neither does Acer recognise my pc or allow me to download Acer software now. I use Edge and IE. I have the free version of CCleaner (which I've used for years on various different pcs) and I have version 5.24, updated yet again ten minutes ago. I have always used CCleaner when I close down for the night, so my browsers are closed before I start up CCleaner. I'm not worried about having to close them first. However, with this latest version CCleaner warns me as usual that Edge needs to be closed to clean it, so I click yes, and then it repeats the question. I click Yes again and it runs the cleaner but it states clearly that both Edge and IE have been skipped. It doesn't even pretend to have cleaned. Even if I use Task Manager to close my browsers CCleaner still says they aren't closed and cannot be cleaned. I have skipped the analysis for years and just run the cleaner. With the issues now I decided to run analysis first, and it shows all the cache and temporary files, but clearly states "skipped" when it comes to cookies. So that is one problem. It can't touch cookies any longer. When you actually run the cleaner it cannot even clean temporary files because so far as CCleaner is concerned no matter what YOU think - your browser is NOT closed. And it won't work on an open browser. This is presumably the result of Microsoft's changes I've had to use Edge's own cleaner and the one built into IE, but during analysis CCleaner doesn't think that has worked either. The temporary files are still there, and the cookies too, building up and apparently irradicable.
  9. Thank you for your reply. I have downloaded this program and had a quick look. I don't do image stuff, so I have no experience of using this sort of program. It is showing the affected pictures with big red x's and can't open them. The pc knows the size of the picture in kb but has no information as to the dimensions, ie 100 X 200 which shows on unaffected jpegs. Recuva couldn't get them back either. I think they are gone for good. So will CCleaner be. I will be uninstalling it from my friend's pc as she won't use it any more so it's a waste of hard drive space. I just wish I knew which tick box on CCleaner could be unticked to stop this happening again.
  10. I put CCleaner on my friend's pc, running Windows XP Home edition, the same as mine. I've used it for a few years with no problems. She uses her pc with her Canon digital camera and had a huge batch of photos from a Society wedding in London. Having spent hours working on the pictures she tried to burn them to a cd, but it had a bad block and could not be used. So much for cheap cds. So she powered down and left the computer for a while. I logged on on her id, surfed for a few hours, then ran CCleaner and powered down again. Next time she went to view her file of photos all the JPegs were unopenable. The information they contained had been wiped out by CCleaner. I know that because I reran the sequence of events about ten times with a spare folder of photos. If you prepare to burn photos to cd by right clicking the file and selecting "send to cd" but don't complete the operation and then run CCleaner it wipes out the information contained in the jpegs. Even if you delete the "files waiting to be burned". I am almost pc illiterate - female aged 48, can't even operate a vcr. Probably you are going to tell me that I should have unticked a certain box on CCleaner. Which one? The problem wasn't discovered for three weeks because my friend has been away, and I've run CCleaner many times since then on the pc with level one scrambling, so I don't know if even a data recovery expert could get back the missing info. I may have cost my friend a lot of potential customers and have certainly caused her huge embarrassment because she cannot deliver the goods as promised, so I'm very unhappy and her feelings are unprintable. My brother in law has often warned me of the consequences of using programs I don't understand. He was right!
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