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  1. I have never had a problem with any kind of worm or virus with WinCleaner. As someone mentioned in that thread, Business Logic owns WinCleaner and someone else has a bogus site. Basically, whatever BonsiBuddy is it has nothing to do with WinCleaner. I use XP, I will never get Vista. I will go with Linux instead. Why should I get another program? UWC works ok, and if CCleaner adds the features that I use UWC that will be one less program. Later, Rod
  2. UWC is now call WinCleaner OneClick Cleanup and is made by Business Logic. (http://www.wincleaner.com/) I have a 40G hard drive and it takes three to five minutes to clean all the files that I mark. Temporary files (*$*.*$*, *.tmp*, etc.), backup files (*.old, *.bak), check disk files, temporary files created by Windows help system, temporary directory information files (including Thumbs.DB), and lost cluster files. These are on the safe files list. Custom cleaning which may be added and edited are Word backup files (already came with UWC), null OEM-INF files (every time I installed new h
  3. Would it slow down CCleaner any more than when I use UWC to do the job (also take into consideration opening and closing a separate program)? Later, Rod
  4. Ultra WinCleaner is an old program and is able to clean out shortcuts and junk files in all user profiles from the one (as long as it has administration rights). All it does is search the entire Documents and Settings folder. There shouldn?t be any need to log in and out of each user profile to do this. Only when you want to clean the registry (maybe). Later, Rod
  5. On Ultra WinCleaner?s Junk Cleaner window there is an option to add files that you want UWC to search for and remove. CCleaner has this too with the Include window under Options, but unless you know the specific name(s) of the files this is no good, or can you use wildcards in the filenames like you can with UWC? Later, Rod
  6. I still need to use Ultra WinCleaner to remove empty folders. Yes, I do this from time-to-time. Ultra WinCleaner is an old program, so enabling the same things that it does in CCleaner should not be that difficult. The only gripe I have with UWC, and that I was hoping would be addressed in CCleaner, is that it should do this separately from the shortcut cleaning (of all profiles) and before it actually deletes the folders you should be given the list to mark whether they should be deleted or not. System folders should automatically be exempt. CCleaner should then remember which folders were ma
  7. By default CCleaner considers any prefetch file old after 2 weeks. Yes, I understand. It makes sense too. Prefetch files are supposed to help start programs faster without keeping them resident in memory. This is good especially when you have loads of drive space, but only a small bit of RAM. If Windows automatically deletes these files when the program is uninstalled, then you shouldn?t have to worry about it. I suppose they could have CCleaner do a check to see that Windows did its job and just target PF files of unistalled programs older than two weeks. But until CCleaner does that, I?ll ju
  8. I?m a little out of the loop here. Why would it be pointless? Rod
  9. Yep, that was it. Turned it off and CCleaner deleted the files. I noticed the thread after you mentioned it here. I saw it before, but didn?t connect it with my problem at the time. Thanks to everyone with suggestions. Rod o/ Home, home on the range. Where the deer and the antelope play. Where seldom is heard A discouraging word, ?Cause I threw my PC away. o/
  10. Of course, I kinda guessed that is what the section was for. Just forgot what it was called. (You?ll find it happens to me a lot.) 8-) Strange . . . since I have gone back to CCleaner 1.38 I haven?t had any old prefetch files popup or those annoying null temp files. I will post the Hijack This! report and then re-install CCleaner 1.39 to see what happens. I have a feeling that what ever it was either went away or wound up inadvertantly (?) fixed. We?ll see. Oh! BTW, one of the things I did was use Reghance to search for leftovers of a memory management/system optimizing program tha
  11. Well, I checked and Layout.INI is still intact, but this is interesting. I rolled back CCleaner from 1.39 to 1.38 and now it deletes the null temp files and folders that it was missing, but still not the old prefetch files. 8-/ Although I now have to figure out what program is automatically creating a temp file every time I start up my laptop and why. I ran Spybot and it didn?t find anything. Next, my AV program. I noticed there is a spot on the message board to post a Hijack This! report to get it analyzed. I have Highjack This! so maybe I should try this? Rod
  12. Hello! Yes, Phkhgh, I know CCleaner only deletes old prefetch files, which is why I specified old prefetch files. 8-) Nope. Custom cleaning is blank. I have never bothered with it. Too much work. I now have a fairly lengthy list of old prefetch files now. In fact, I just used it and noticed it didn?t remove some temp files in the Documents and Settings/%UserPath%/Local Settings/Temp folder. Very strange. CCleaner has never let me down before. Perhaps it might be the latest update? I cannot remember now if it started happening before or since the latest update. I will check the Layout
  13. My OS is Windows XP Home Edition, SP2. I just downloaded and installed CCleaner 1.39 a few days ago. I have the box checked to remove old prefetch data. Yesterday and today I noticed that although old prefetch files would show up when being analysed, they weren?t being deleted. I have installed and uninstalled a program since then, but I still the same problem after removing that application. I even went so far as to use System Restore to go back before installing the program, but after updating CCleaner. CCleaner still cannot remove the old prefetch files. Rod Lockwood
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