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  1. I recently had my Maxtor drive stop working. It was no longer able to be opened, and in the device manager was listed as an unknown device. Maxtor informed me that the bridge card in the enclosure had gone bad and the fix would be to place the disk in a new enclosure. I purchased a new enclosure, removed the disk from the original Maxtor "one touch" enclosure and installed it in the new enclosure. In doing so, I changed the jumper setting to "Master", as instructed by Maxtor. I then completed reassembling the enclosure and connected it to the computer. Initially, I received the message that device could not start, (code 10). Now however, some 15 minutes later, I am back to "unknown device". When I turn the drive on, (it has an integral on/off switch,), I can hear the drive start to spin, and so, I think the disk drive itself is probably ok. What can I do to get the computer to recognize the disk drive and be usable again? I have some stuff saved on the drive, mostly music, but if I have to lose it to regain functionality, so be it. Any body got any ideas, ( besides a small explosive charge)?
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