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  1. I am using internet explorer 8 on my windows home edition sp3 computer and this new version is not deleting most of my cookies to delete. I checked before running CCleaner 3.07.1457 what cookies were in the cookies to delete section and there was a lot of them to delete. After running cleaner it showed only 32 cookie files were deleted. Checked cookies to delete again and it showed alot of cookies to delete. So I ran cleaner again and it did not delete any more cookies so this version does not work properly deleting cookies. This needs to be fixed. Jerry
  2. Mine is still working correctly in 2.03.532. It is not being cleared anymore even when rebooting computer. I am running windows xp home edition sp2. Again thanks MrG for fixing it.
  3. Thanks MrG it has been fixed in 2.02.525. Jerry
  4. I am running windows xp home edition sp2 and have no problem with cookie cleaning and mine are saved just like it shows before cleaning. Jerry
  5. Just wanted to make clear what is happenning when running cleaner in 2.01.507. I have under Windows Explorer Run (in Start Menu) unchecked and after running cleaner start run is still there what I have listed in it but when shutting down computer and restarting it all the items in run menu are erased. This did not happen untill the 2 00+ versions. Wish this would get corrected for future releases to work correctly like 1.41 versions and earlier versions. Thanks.
  6. Same problem here. Running windows xp home service pack 2. This has been listed as a bug for some time since all versions of 2.0+ came out. Seems to me what used to work fine in earlier versions are forgotten now as it seems all is concentrated on getting vista systems to work correctly now. Wish the author of CCleaner would remember how xp is supposed to work. Am tired of having to type in run menu when nothing used to get erased. Am running version 1.38 as it works perfect for me and all versions since then are buggy. Please get newer versions to work with xp and not just vista systems. Je
  7. Mercy installed 2.01.507 running windows xp home edition service pack 2 and even with run (in start menu) unchecked under Windows Explorer everything still get erased in the run menu. Why can't this be corrected as it has been listed quite often in previous 2.0 + versions? Am going back to 1.38. until this bug is fixed. Jerry
  8. No I am not going to uncheck everything iunder windows explorer when the run in startup is only thing I want not clened. All versions before 2.00 versions did not erase after restarting with run unchecked! I actually went back to 1.38 version which I think worked properly in everything for me. Did you try it with just run unchecked? Everything else listed under windows explorer has nothing to do with run in start menu! Jerry
  9. Well installed 2.00.500 Final version and this problem stil exists.. Cleaning with final version with run not checked under windows explorer stil gets erased when restarting computer. This was reported in bug reports so why was this not fixed before releasing final 2.00.500 version? Stil using windows xp home edition service pact 2. Again going back to 1.41 so this doesn't keep getting erased? Jerry
  10. Same here using 2.00.495 RC when cleaning with run unchecked it shows up until shut down my computer and restart it. Nothing shows in start- run after restarting. Going back to 1.41 version where that doesn't happen. Am using windows pc, XP Home Edition service pack 2. Jerry Ps I see that was not corrected in release notes for 2.00.500 final version. Please correct that problem. Thanks
  11. My OS is Windows XP Home Edition SP2 on both computers that I tested 2.00 beta on with latest updates installed from microsoft update site last Tuesday. Jerry
  12. I just installed 2.00 beta and everything listed under cookies to delete under option is not being deleted at all. Went back to 1.41.544 where it is working correctly. Jerry
  13. Here we go again as my WindowsUpdate log file is changed from ANSI to UNICODE and nothing can be read in it now as everything is scrambled again. This version and 1.39 change this setting to Unicode in the encoding section under save or save as. I have to uncheck the checkmark under system and windows log files to keep my windowsupdate log readable in English. Why had all previous versions before 1.39 never changed encoding setting and kept it at ANSI NOT UNICODE? If I want to clean windows log files under system I have to go back to 1.38 or earlier versions. Again why was this changed? Am usi
  14. JDPower all I am saying for the problem you are seeing when you analyze after cleaning is done with files showing 0bytes not being deleted is you are saying you see them with temporary internet files checked under internet explorer. But what I am trying to tell you is uncheck the checkmark besides temporary files under system and you should not see them when you analyze after running cleaner. This DOES pertain to the problem you described.
  15. Whiteshark are you saying that after you run CCleaner 1.39.502 with check mark beside windows log files under system that your WindowsUpdate log is not scrambled and unreadable under Windows in your main hard drive directory? Mine was changed from ANSI to UNICODE in the encoding section of my Notepad.
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