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  1. Hello, If you couldn't get the "Add Open CCleaner option to Recycle Bin..." to work in Vista 32 or 64 bit, I found a work around that will allow you to and name it anything you like in Recycle Bin's menu. Plus, if you wanted to, you can add any other program as well. The details are easy but very detailed to simply type out here. Here is a link for the full details: How to add programs to Recycle Bin's menu Hope this is helpful, Shawn
  2. Hi hugtob, Under the "Secure file deletion (Slower)" option, I tried all 3 different passes options without any problems. Of course, I'm running Vista 64 though. Did you check in Task Manager to see if any programs that might be using it might be running in the background without you knowing? Good luck. Wish I could help more. Shawn
  3. Hi, Yeah that's old. Have any extra RAM for it, should help. Sounds like XP may be competing for the resources. Meanwhile, here's a site that has a bunch of "GOOD" free programs that'll help keep the bugs away : C/NET Just pick the category of programs on left on the site.
  4. Brink


    One last idea. How I got mine to work: 1. running Vista 64-bit Home Premium 2. I have UAC disabled 3. I clicked on the "Run CCleaner on startup" option in CCleaner 4. shortly after Windows Defender asked me to Permit changes to Vista Startup from CCleaner 5. I click accept in Defender 6. I noticed that on the 2nd time I restarted, not 1st, that CCleaner showed up in Task Manager under the PROCESSES tab when starting. (no display window of CCleaner shown though) 7. Viola we have it running at start-up (what's it doing I don't know, but it was running in the processes list at start
  5. Brink


    Sorry Nerdy & Jabroni, I'm all out of ideas. Post a bug report on this site & hopefully they'll have a fix in a update soon. If I think of anything else I'll post it here for ya. We gave it a valiant try, but Vista kicked our butts. Unitl next time VISTA. Sorry, Shawn
  6. Brink


    Ok, 1st try running CCleaner as administrator. 1.right click on CCleaner's icon 2.click on properties 3.click on Compatiblity tab 4.check the box for "Run this program as an administrator" under PRIVILEDGE LEVEL section 5.click OK to apply Test that & if doesn't help then: Try disabling UAC to see if that's causing the problem. Sometimes that will interfere with programs. 1.open control panel 2.click on User Accounts 3.click on "Turn user account control on or off" 4.uncheck it & hit OK 5. you'll have to reboot after this You'll get a Security Center warning w
  7. Hi country girl, This may be a shot in the dark, but if your using Windows Photo Gallery as your default pic viewer, you should check & make sure that you don't have the option to send the pic file to Recycle bin after a certain time or action chosen. Check any other photo viewer that you might be using as well for such an option. Here's how to check on Photo Gallery: 1. open Windows Photo Gallery 2. click on "File" at top left corner 3. click on options 4. under the "Original Pictures" section make sure "Never" is selected 5. click OK to apply Here's a screen shot: Shawn
  8. Brink


    Sorry, One more option if you can't enable it in Windows Defender. Sometimes it finiky. 1. open Control Panel 2. click on "Administrator Tools" 3. click on "System Configuration" 4. click on the "startup" tab 5. click on CCleaner 6. click on box to check it to Enable startup 7. click OK This wil do it for you I hope, Shawn
  9. Hi, Here's a link that may help you all. Enable Startup Shawn
  10. Hi, I know this probally isn't it, but did you check & see if you had the "Close program after cleaning" checked in the Advanced Options. I ran it in both 32/64 bit versions of Vista Home Premium & this was the only way I could reproduce it closing when I hit "Run Cleaner" Shawn
  11. Hi firerytone, Yeah I saw that post, but on the programs site it says it's only for 32-bit OS's. Unfortunately, I'm running Vista Home Premium 64-bit. I learned my leason on trying some system utility programs not designed for 64 the hard way.(haha) It was a fun day of reinstalling. Thanks though, Shawn
  12. Brink


    Hi nerdy, Check out instructions I left below for jabroni. It doesn't matter that CCleaner is not yet classified. It only means that Windows Defender doesn't have a classification for it yet. Sorta like a safe programs list. It's just not on the list, but it'll still run if you enable it. Shawn
  13. Brink


    Hi Jabroni, Normaly when you make a change to the startup file(list on vista), Windows Defender will pop up a icon or notification window asking you to approve immediately after you selected it the program that you wanted to start on startup options. But here's how you can manually check inside of Windows Defender to see what is accepted or not & to disable or enable any of them. Here's a screenshot too: (instructions below screenshot) 1. Open Windows Defender 2. Click on Tools at Top 3. Click on "Software Explorer" (this will open a list of startup programs) 4. click on
  14. Brink


    Hey there, Should be able to click on the OPTIONS, SETTINGS & check the "Run CCleaner when the computer starts" for it to work. When I do this though Windows Defender will ask me to confirm allowing this, so if that could stop it if you didn't say APPLY ACTION to Defender. Here's a screen shot: Hope this helps, Shawn
  15. Brink

    AVG or Avast?

    Yeah, I like Avast also. It's the only one I can find that fully supports the 64 bit version of Vista that's good. Plus, the audio alerts are nice. Shawn
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