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  1. Hi davey, Thank you very much. The solution was exactly where you pointed and "smilingralph"'s link shows precisely what needs to be done. I suspected that as much too ... my apology anyway for putting this to bug section. Best wishes
  2. Greetings all, {XP SP3; CCleaner 2.08.588} I decided to put this in Bugs section, but I could be wrong and it is not CCleaner issue. My apology in advance if so. Starting from previous version CCleaner evoking both browsers IE7 and Firefox when "Check for Updates...". Firefox is my default browser for a long time. I use CCleaner for a long time too and I was under impression that it always was firing up IE despite it is not the default. Well, I thought that it it is not very good to have specific browser hardcoded, but it's kinda not deadly and I lived with that without maki
  3. Hi all, First, my apology again for mistakenly accusing CCleaner. Just leaving as a history note what worked for me and eventually eliminated the appearence of the Error as described above. Just reinstallation of rdeistributable and resturting as suggested did not work.So I - uninstall both mentioned versions; - Cleaned up the Registry with CCleaner ; - Restarted; - Installed Redistr. thing downloaded from MS Visual C++ 2005 Redist. - Restarted (important ! it's not described by MS) After that I have version 8.0.50727.42 ; size 4.48MB only and no SideBySide Errors any more
  4. Hi YoKenny and Guys, It seems to me like I mislead myself and you. I reinstall VC++ 2005 Redistributable again. This time after restart I fired CCleaner from shortcut. There were no SideBySide Errors. Usually (rather always) I was starting it from Shell Extension menu of Recycle Bin. So I right-clicked RB... and... Hmm... this time I caught that Errors appeared in System Event Log immediately even before I choose Run Cleaner from menu. In order to be sure - I Unchecked RB integration with CCleaner in Options. Restarted. {Edited 11/12/07} Now I can confirm that it is just v
  5. Hi YoKenny, Thanks for responding quickly. That is rather interesting info about second reinstall. It is not a problem for me to try. At the same time what I noticed now in Add/Remove that after my reinstallation I have 2 entries for MS Visual C++ 2005 Redist. 1) version 8.0.56336 ; size 5.12MB 2) version 8.0.50727.42 ; size 4.48MB Can you tell me please, what do you have there ? Do you think, I need to uninstall both and then reinstall the one from MS Visual C++ 2005 Redist. or just reinstall this one again as you suggest and leave another alone? Thanks in advance My r
  6. Hi Guys, {XP Pro, SP2; CCleaner v2.03.532} First I must say that I did not install any new Software since update to the latest CCleaner. Recently I visited Event Viewer (System part) and found a set of SideBySide Error events (see below in P.S.). Interestingly enough when analysing the log I discovered that it may occur only once in a current session (from current computer Restart to the next one). It is worth to make a note that I don?t see any ill effects. The computer is working fine. But there are no other Error Events other than mentioned sets. To make the story short?:
  7. pwillener, That was a good one! It is just the a common format/ precision they used... Would be too much for counting money though. Because if you have (3 decimals) - say, 135 cents left in a pocket - it's a lot! More then $1, you know. ATF actually is a good "safe cleaner" which does not touch Registry. It is one of the things often recommended and widely used by authorized "Virus-Malware Removers" helpers before running some Special Tools, analyzing reports, etc. of infected computers Cheers
  8. Hi pwillener, Thanks for replying. Yeah! it may sound funny I mean my "concern"... but the point is if something is not cleaned ... it could be more. Unfortunately ATF does not provide the info (at least openly) you asked about.. That is not good. If I find the place to look and investigate I will come back to report. You are right it is better to know more specifics... (probably somebody has answer for that ATF additional bytes? KB? MB? ) Thanks again Cheers
  9. Hi Guys, I found that wit ATF-cleaner I can always clean more (much more) leftovers after FireFox sessions than with CCleaner (latest release 2.03.532) I did noticed that in earlier releases too but cannot provide "a history". (sorry ) Probably it is not needed. I put the image below. ATF and CCleaner side by side. Clleaner was ran earlier and you can see the result of rechecking by <Analyze> - "zero to be removed" The message box from ATF indicates Foxe's leftovers cleaned immediately after CCleaner It shows that there still was some stuff to remove. Sure I t
  10. Hi Guys, {XP2, SP2, CCleaner 2.03.532} I moved all temporary folders from the default locations by changing Environmental Variables Tmp; Temp (User & System) now associated with some places on another partition (F: drive) Everything is fine with User changes but for System ones CCleaner still cleaning the "default" C:\Windows\temp, which is probably Ok because MS & other bad programs continue to put rubbish there (possibly they have hardcoded Temp loocation) At the same time those good programs, which are taking in consideration Env. Vars. honestly write into F:\_Win
  11. Thanks hazelnut, I like good reasons ...will jump there now Cheers
  12. Hi Guys, I got Chimei CMV 222H monitor. It has D-Sub and HDMI connections. My Video card has DVI and VGA connections. Somewhere I was reading that connecting displays with DVI support is a better choice but there are no substantial advantages when running Graphics Applications (other then games. I?m not interested in games). This display does not have DVI but I know that there are DVI-HDMI adaptors. Can anybody, please, tell how that may or may not be used and/or would it be a better choice. I do kinda understand that DVI-VGA (my card- my monitor) is a possible variant but I don?t see it ma
  13. Thanks for replying, Andavari. Silly me! What can I say, ... brainwashed by mightiness of stupid Registry... How may times I was there in "Advanced"? Our eyes see (ini), our mind just ignores it Best regards
  14. Hi Guys, I'm new in this forum despite I am a "long-term Crap Cleaner" user :-) It means it worked and works for me fine Recently I decided to use Custom Folders which were cleaned as expected... and then I encountered this problem (see topic) when I have to restore Custom Folders List periodically. Being a good boy I searched the forum before posting. And mainly found the answer. The conclusion is: using another reg cleaner can inflict pain in this area. So my question mainly has to be changed and now it sounds like this: Are there any info describing how Ccleaners' developers are goi
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