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  1. FYI- Using XP and IE7 Open command prompy type in following: dir c:\index.dat /s /a h s (if windows is installed on c:) To create a text file of this in the root dir of c:\ type: dir c:\index.dat /s /a h s >c:\idotdat.txt Results are as follows: 1. C:\Documents and Settings\LocalService\Cookies\ Can Open With notrpad.exe Client UrlCache MMF Ver 5.2, 16,384 bytes 2. C:\Documents and Settings\LocalService\Local Settings\History\History.IE5\ Can NOT open or view with "Windows Explorer.exe" even if set to show hidden and systems files and folders. 3. C:\Documents a
  2. Wondering if others are seeing this problem. I ran CCleaner 1.39.502 with ALL Windows options ckecked, the CCleaner window after the run shows the current user cookies index.dat as marked for deleation. After a reboot I ran index.dat analyzer and under the Location drop down select cookies-current user. All the URL's are listed meaning current user cookies index.dat was not cleared. I ran Eraser 1.82 and the index.dat is clear after a reboot as viewed with index.dat analyzer. I uninstalled CCleaner 1.39.502 and installed 1.38.485. I then went back on line to let some the index.dat file be load
  3. Hi, I have the same problem. I put a post in the main CCleaner Discussion area, I should have put it here. I did a "Google" search for "vista index.dat" and got about 214,00 hits. Below are some of the better ones that give information. Microsoft went to considerable lengths to "protect" us. http://www.pcmesh.com/windows-vista-index.dat-1.htm http://www.purgeie.com/indexdat.htm http://www.acesoft.net/delete_index.dat_files.htm I am not affiliated with nor do I recommend any software that might be listed in above sites. I have not used or bought any of the software listed,
  4. Thought you guys might like to know this. Have any of you seen this type of result? I had two different PDF reader programs installed on an old PC, Foxit PDF Reader and Adobe Acrobat 8. I uninstalled Acrobat 8 (it ran too slow on old PC) and ran issues, like I do after every uninstall. It listed .pdf as an unused file exyension. I used the back up registry feature and ran fix issues. It appears that that registry entry was tied to Acrobat 8. Everything ran fine after that with Foxit Reader. I had the registry backup just in case. Sounds like the description of unused is too general and too
  5. Interesting articles on Vista index.dat. http://www.pcmesh.com/windows-vista-index.dat-1.htm http://www.purgeie.com/indexdat.htm
  6. 1. I am running Vista Home Premium and CCleaner 1.38.485. After running cleaner, and typing www.cc as in CCleaner I guess the auto complete kicks in and offers www.CCleaner.com. This doesn't happen on my old PC running XP PRO SP2 and the same version of CCleaner. Shouldn't that be cleared? 2. I have been told Vista doesn't use index.dat files. How or where does Vista keep index.dat type of data? Does CCleaner clean it?
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