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  1. Hey Ident Just take a step back and like Dennis said a deep breath.. You have a little girl..you may need a lot of sleep...but think of what you have you are so lucky !!!! As a carpenter you will know that its all preparation before you get the end result and you look back at your fine piece of joinery and suddenly all that measuring,cutting sanding staining etc and the stress of it has gone..that will be the same with your little girl your doing the prep work now.
  2. Well thanks for the replies,at least I`m not the only one!,apart from Icedrake,! i`ll wait and see what happens of the Avast Forum and post back if anything comes up
  3. Not even when in the behaviour shield screen and you click on "show traffic history" ?
  4. Hi Has anyone else who uses Avast noticed infections on thier behaviour shield ?I checked mine and if you look back it has shown infections but MBAM,Avast and superantispyware show nothing. If you look at this thread others are having the same problem and waiting for Avast to give an answer http://forum.avast.com/index.php?topic=61342.0
  5. Hi Tas ! yes it was good news considering the blood test cost ?90 ($157 aud)which was painful for Fluff and me ! and an operation would be about ?800,($1,400aud)
  6. Hi Northerner As a newbie i would reccommend reading through the advice on this forum http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=20214 It has some realy good advice on safe computing,do`nt be put off it it all looks to much at first,take a step at a time and ask for advice if you need it, Fluffy
  7. Well if you want something different,how about some good news! The vet has just rang and after Fluffy was in the vet and a blood test taken for Hyperthroidism,Increase in appetite but with wheight loss,and can be a thyroid problem that can lead to heart problems well the results are that the blood tests are within normal levels ! so there`s no need for tablets for the rest of her life or an operation !
  8. Redhawk Possibly !!! piriform lobe noun pear-shaped neural structure on either side of the brain in the rhinencephalon [syn: pyriform area]
  9. Hi Tas thank you for your idea`s and offer to try and help, the flight does look like a long one to Tasmania with my computer!so i`m going to try a couple of options here back in Blighty ! Seriously thank you all for your thoughts and posts,It is an annoying intermitent fault,the last possible solution is a new computer,but `im not there yet !When(and if!) I do find what the exact problem is be sure i will let you all know. The good thing is at least I have learned more, about the inside of my computer !! Fluff
  10. Hi guys I have now managed to reseat my graphics card and there is unfortunatley no change to the situation Tas my pc/motherboard must be at least about seven years old. I couldn`t figure any other connection to the motherboard to bypass my grahics card I have found this on the internet and would welcome comments on this thread http://pressf1.pcworld.co.nz/showthread.php?t=31516 This has some elements that could be part of the problem as i have recently had my psu changed,however it was working fine when it left the shop ! Fluffy
  11. Hey Mudd don`t you even think about not growing stuff ! you`ve just got to scale it down,I don`t think many of us on here could manage a tractor either !! thats the thing about the U.S. it`s so big ! you can grow things in your back yard on a smaller scale and if it hurts to bend over put things in raised beds ! JD thanks for the link yes Broad beans are Fava beans i believe ! and Login trying one of those upside down things this year with tomatoes yes it hangs up like a flower hanging baskit,(it bit akward to water) Well tonight i`m having cauliflower cheese,with french beans(boston beans)
  12. Hey Mudd ! great to here about what you are growing ! here in the UK we have "allotments" little pieces of land that are rented from the local Council and it allows people to grow their own vegeatables..I share one and it`s a great community where everyone helps and advises each other just like this place ! growing at the moment..potatoes,fennel,broad beans,runner beans,peas,sweetcorn,cabbage,cauliflower,onions,lettuce,strawberries,asparagus,tomatoes,chillies Naga`s as well man there hot !Tomatilos,peppers,cucumbers oh yes and like you weeds ! If i`m not on piriform i`m watering ! Take car
  13. Hi Guys,sorry for not coming back to you sooner,I`ve been doing a few tests ! I`m about less than 50% on my monitor and keyboard firing up when i switch on,i say it can and is sporadic but getting worse I have ,external harddrive ,printer,speakers,monitor and broadband (speedtouch)thingy,thats connected to the computer via usb and then to telephone line, Tas i`ve tried the disconnection of these things but no luck in changing anything, Redhawk I`m interested in the re seating the graphics card etc,does this mean litteratly taking the back on the machine an locating it? a little nervous th
  14. Hi guys 1 I didn`t reliase the beeps meant something !!.Well when everything starts up fine,i get one beep then everthing fires up ok. When my computer doesn`t start.I get no beep (or beeps,)sometimes even the reset button doesn`t get the one beep either i have to try that a few times.When i do press either the reset or main on button,the power light comes on my external hardrive,the dvd player and cd drive light flashes.but not the montitor or keyboard.the external speakers have their own power button.I have noticed as well that two little lights below the main switch,with a lightbulb symbo
  15. Rats !!! It`s happening again ! even when i have my monitor switched on before i switch the computer on,the monitor is not powering up and i`ve noticed the keyboard light doesn`t either......I have to press the reset button.. I`m asking for any more ideas ! My graphic card drivers are up to date i believe Fluffy
  16. Tas, I was trying to do my bit for the planet and turn off electrical equipment in standby mode !
  17. G'Day Tasgandy I didn`t have a second monitor to try but I think Redhawk has hit on the problem in that as a habit I was turning on my computer then the monitor ! I have now reversed this so the monitor is first and then the computer ,I haven`t to date (and touch wood) had the problem ! I`m assuming that if on some occaisons i wasn`t quick enough with the monitor it would miss its message from the computer..........well I let you know if it fails ! Thanks guys Fluffy
  18. Any ideas anyone why sometimes when i turn my computer on,the monitor doesn`t power up, and stays in "standby" mode? When this happens i have to press the reset button on the computer then i get the monitor stanby button turning green and it coming on..it`s not everytime.. I would not know where to start to look in the bowels of the computer system what part tells the monitor to wake up !! My monitor is dell e173fp on nvidia geforce fx 5600 (it would be nice if on speccy if you could righthand click, copy and paste direct from speccy !!!) Fluffy
  19. Fluffy


    Thats great Icedrake ! I think it might be better for someone else to pick the physical features it`s difficult to know what yourself looks like !! there`s the danger of being over generous !!!!!
  20. Latest world cup fixtures - Brazil v Argentina on Tuesday at Cape Town, Spain v Portugal at Johannesburg on Wednesday, and England meet France at the airport on Thursday!!
  21. Hazelnut Thansk for that...It makes you really chilled out man !!
  22. Fluffy


    Fluffy says...meow
  23. I`m sure the security services who use cctv`s will love it ! "now through face photo recognition you can easily find the people you care about"
  24. Thanks Guys! I did jokingly say I hope I don`t see them again too soon ! Nice idea Hazelnut...the amusing thing is they are not what one might assume what computer technicians look like,(i know we should never catergorise or assume things about people) but these guys are about six foot six and lift weights !!!they have arms like tractors !! brains and brawn !!
  25. I`m Back !!!!! Thanks for all the replies and suggestions,yess jojo i did another de dust ! The whole thing packed in on Monday the fourth blackout came and the thing gave up ! I took the cpu to my local computer shop and they have found that the power supply unit had gone So `im up and running again !! it was in repair for just under two days and they charged me £35 which I thought was quite good I don`t think I`ve been ripped off at that sort of price ! Cheers Fluff
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