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  1. Just a thought but perhaps there could be a "How too" section on the forum that you could go to if you need help,or people could leave top tips in peforming certain computer tasks That would perhaps help people without having to keep asking for assistance,I know that I have been helped by this forum a lot,but sometimes if I`ve forgotton how to do something I end up trying to find the thread !! Just an idea
  2. Version 5.0 out now ! http://www.online-armor.com/ Fluffy
  3. Pity you can`t use it in the rain ! lol
  4. Dennis I some how can`t see you getting involved in selling monkey glands !!
  5. Fluffy

    Your Location

    Yeah Thats what I mean Hazelnut..when i search for anything using google up pops my town`s name on the left handside..there is a link to change your location,but it says "auto detected" I found this on google.... Automatically detected location To provide you with the most relevant results, Google attempts to automatically detect your location and customize results based on that detected location. A location that's labeled "Auto-detected" is chosen based on the following factors: ?Your IP address . ?Google Toolbar's My Location feature. If you have Google Toolbar installed and have
  6. Fluffy

    Your Location

    Just a quick question that someone might be able to clarify for me ! I`m running I.E.8,, on the link to find out if your running your browser with geolocation http://benwerd.com/lab/geo.php The answer it gave me said my browser was not,But ! when i use google on the screen at the left hand side it has my location and town name...is this info taken form my isp provider ?? Fluff
  7. When you read the principles set out by the founders of Cadbury`s,they must be spinning in their graves The Cadburys were pioneers in employee welfare and labor relations, setting standards which other enlightened employers adopted. Cadbury Brothers was the first firm to introduce the Saturday half-day holiday, and also pioneered in closing the factory on bank holidays. In 1918, Cadbury Brothers established democratically elected Works Councils, one for men and one for women. Departments elected representatives to these Councils by secret ballot. The Councils dealt with working conditio
  8. Ok I think this tread has gone a bit flat now..it`s time to get a grip and hit the road !
  9. In any case I buy my chocolates from Lido, they sell Bellarom "finest milk chocolate" for ?1.10 in 200g bars and quite tasty too. Richard S For those of us in europe check out Aldi store`s their Choceur bars are 99p for 200g and it`s German chocolate which is good !
  10. Fluffy


    That`s amazing !! Just wonder how they keep it all dust free and clean !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Dennis yes its simple ! Thankyou now time for a cuppa !!!
  12. Can someone tell me how to add an add !!!!!!! How do you put your vid onto the screen !!!
  13. Howdy Kroozer I asked the same a while back http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=23424&st=0&p=143625&hl=+piriform%20+icon&fromsearch=1entry143625
  14. Happy Birthday hazel !!! yes I know I cheated...I didn`t bake the cake !!
  15. Dennis you are right ! I`m going to keep quiet about "Tripe & Onions" though !! perhaps we need a food thread of local specialities/recipes from where your from.. our friends across the pond could give us the secret to the perfect blueberry muffin !
  16. Have posted this link before... http://www.oddcast.com/home/demos/tts/tts_example.php?sitepal it allows you to listen to different words by different "people"from all over ! In my part of the world of each Yorkshire we have the worse accent in England..even the students at the University produced a book to help undestand the accent !!
  17. Hazel !! another update you`ve found,thankyou for the hazelnut radar !!
  18. Thanks Hazelnut ! updated my version no probs !
  19. Happy Birtday Dennis ! No need to tell us how old you are.. just how old you feel inside !!
  20. Margaritaville !!! ahh!!!!! Volcano Nachos ! New year is here ! hopefully it will be an early spring after having the coldest winter in Englnd on record,we had ice on the inside of the windows ,even front door letter box was frozen ! But ! in March I will be in las Vegas ! and might just have a trip to Margaritaville on the strip !that will keep me going ! (the electronic fare has just been in Vegas )
  21. Merry Christmas ! Hoping the mods only get Christmas logs to look at ! Fluffy
  22. Thanks for the feedback 1 I`m going to have a look ata couple i think and do a few dummy runs befoer i full commit to any one program Thanks Fluff
  23. I`m wondering if anyone uses some form of automatic file copying program ,For instance photo`s,music,documents that when created is auto copied to another drive as back up ? I`ve looked on the net and there are some progams you can download as a trial,but if anyone uses one or recommends one I would be very interested to hear your comments Cheers Fluffy
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