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  1. Fluffy

    Funnies !

    Anyone got their Favourites ?
  2. Fluffy

    TV CGI

    Oh you Guys ! It`s nice to be missed ! I can feel the love in the room ! LOL been away from the screen awhile but will be postin` again, thankyou Piriform
  3. Fluffy

    TV CGI

    Thought this might be interesting if your fan of the American TV series Boardwalk Empire Fluff http://player.vimeo....4678075?title=0&
  4. Spy Sentinal once helped me with a problem,I always appreciate people who help,he must be sadly missed,such a tradic story,I hope that the comments left on computer forums give some comfort to his friends and family,
  5. "When your going through hell..........keep going." Winston Churchill
  6. That`s so sweet ! I too love Teddy`s elastic band "Seat belt"
  7. Andavari I totally get your concern and feelings regarding finding a young bird and not knowing what to do for the best.Last month I came down the stairs to find a very young bird sitting in the hall looking absolutlely scared out of its mind..and a cat looking at me with eyes saying "look what i brought you " The poor bird must have been round the living room a few times as there were little feathers everywhere.We got the bird outside on the decking but it didn`t move just stared and couldn`t move it was so traumertised.I went out to see it about halkf and our later and it shuffled off the de
  8. This wants shouting from the roof tops ! and the dodgy ebay listing wants ebay threatened with selling fake goods they`ll soon take it down if then
  9. Hi Folks Don`t know if anyone has used this website before,or if it may be a good tool to use in the war on malware ! recommended by a BBC tv programme http://www.virustotal.com/ Fluff ps piriform come up clean ! Avira Clean site BitDefender Clean site Dr.Web Clean site G-Data Clean site Malc0de Database Clean site MalwareDomainList Clean site Opera Clean site ParetoLogic Clean site Phishtank Clean site TrendMicro Clean site Websense ThreatSeeker Clean site Wepawet Unrated site
  10. What scare`s me is when I see this "type" of thing on a website In this report we assess the efficacy of nineteen internet security applications
  11. I`ve seen those 50`s pictures but never noticed the celery ! the picture with all those objects reminded me of the style of the artist Mike Wilks who had a alphabet book, with every object in the picture begining with A,then B, etc. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Ultimate_Alphabet
  12. Fluffy


    Hazelnut !! Just loved that horse ride !!!
  13. I won`t put the link here but a site called toptable offers good deals on meals out
  14. I`ve just received an email from Pizza Hut !! asking me to download a voucher,two for one !! I think I`ll leave it !
  15. Fluffy


    The origin of "Hacking" I didn`t know that ! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-13686141 Fluffy
  16. Thanks for the replies to my question..understood I`ll get the bucket and spade out again and start playing with the sand !
  17. Hi Folks can someone just clarify for me what CCleaner is cleaning in relation to Sandboxie when it is selected ? is it just the contents of the sandbox? which sanbox deletes anyway or is it part of the sandbox program hope i`ve mad myself clear ! Fluffy
  18. Meowww! somehow the world looks a better place purrrfect ! Fluffy the cat
  19. Reminds me of the "vitual bartender" ask for a drink or anything else and it gets served http://www.all4beer.com/a4b/virtualbartender2/
  20. Most people wouldn`t ban the bacon "but a vegi-mite !!" Fluff
  21. redhawk wrote... Just out of curiosity why do you want to convert wma into mp3, most phones / media players can handle wma content?? I have a friend who we swap music we both think the other might like.i never look at the format,when he replies he always says have you this in mp3 !so I wanted to make all my music files in one format,isn`t mp3 the future ! don`t tell me now i need them to be in another format !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. Thanks Andavari,will take your advise and start by having a look at the Hydrogenaudio forum and i need to read up on wiki more computer/music terminology to understand,computer language must be the most up and coming word creator ever!!! "ttfn"... that about my limit !! Fluff
  23. Hi Andavari Thanks for the quick response...Glad I asked the question i`ve learnt some thing new !! Some music is in wma format and no cd,but I take your advise about starting over to keep the quality I`ve looked at my music folders and files and they are a mess !! thats what i was doing to try and sort everything looks like i`ve a bit of work to do ! Many thanks F
  24. Hi folks I`m wanting to convert my music library to all mp3 I have some music that are (still) WMA(windows media format)there are a host of free ware availiable from google most of which say they are free from all trojans and malware... yeh right that got me suspicious ! I`m sure they are but I would appreciate the experience of anyone who has used one and are happy with it ? I trust you lot you know !!!!lol Appreciate any comments Fluffy
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