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  1. I was hoping to see a practical demonstration with a live round !
  2. Quickly snatching Login`s soap box from the grasp of Dennis ! I would like to add if Yorkshire was an independent country( with the amount of medals won from T`Yorkshire folk )we would be 12th in the world medal table! Just saying...
  3. Sorry Nergal,I didn`t realise that the BBC link would be blocked,is that censorship !! Fluff
  4. Hey Guys Have you tried watching the Olympics from the BBC sports webpage ? many games are live..it`s free http://www.bbc.co.uk/2012/ and we don`t have "commercial breaks" !(or "we`ll be right back after these messages" Fluffy
  5. A 'window tax' was first introduced in 1696. It was seen by some as a tax on light and air; but despite its unpopularity, it was not abolished until 1851. Because houses with more than a certain number of windows were liable to be taxed, house owners often, reluctantly, blocked up windows, and there was a tendency to include fewer windows when new houses were built Yes we even had a tax for windows !
  6. It`s got to be the Red Lion at Lacock,Wiltshire http://www.redlionla...oto-gallery.php and Wadworth 6X Beer ..oh it`s calling now....
  7. Tasgandy ! Sounds like they all got on together,I have two cats and Princess Fluffy will not tolerate the "new Comer" Millie,It would have been nice if they`d gotten along.Muffty btw is a brilliant name for a cat ! I don`t know about you but you start with one name,like Muffty...then it changes to Muffers..Muffo...and on and on !!!
  8. Nice one agent Hazelnut ! Blechley Park the start of computing as we know it !
  9. The irony..Viruses found in hospital...
  10. Dennis !! I`m sorry you can`t access it,unfortunatley I`m probably the last person who could help sort it out ! Hazelnut !! where are you !!LOL
  11. http://sorisomail.com/partilha/188658.html
  12. Thanks for the comments.....Hazelnut and Nergal...your right i think it is a somewhat stylised image of the future..especially replying to texts in the bathroom ! they must have invented glass that doesn`t steam up !Plus it could be embarassing if you press reply to the video call !
  13. We are all going to be busy..cleaning Glass ! http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=6Cf7IL_eZ38&vq=medium
  14. Well I never new that,Cockroches can get lonely,and can recognise members of their own family,and "talk " to each other about food. http://www.bbc.co.uk/nature/17839642
  15. "How can I stop two of the fattest pigeons I've ever seen emptying my bird feeder at one sitting, and I've already thought of a shotgun." Dennis ! It`s not the pigeons you want to worry about wait till the squirrels arrive ! the eat everything and have no fear !
  16. Thanks Hazelnut,I`m clean too !!!!
  17. Hazelnut,You must have read it in the TIMES new roman !
  18. I`m more of a cat person but phew ! http://www.killsometime.com/videos/8389/Blind-Dog-Living-In-Trash-Pile-Gets-Rescued
  19. Fluffy

    Cape Horn

    when the boat comes out of the water my stomach moves in the same direction..glad to be on dry land !
  20. Fluffy

    Cape Horn

    Please don`t watch this if you suffer in the slightest from sea sickness !! But it is a fantastic video ! http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=T4FIS1FnOQg
  21. Hi Superfast, Have you thought of growing your own food vegetables etc. Planning meals saves quite a bit of money,sounds boring but it works as you do`nt throw much away and use what you have bought more effectively you can also cook more than you need and have some for the freezer,as well as looking for bulk offers on food items in the stores. It`s also amazing what other people throw away as rubbish,sometimes it can be cleaned up and sold on or used, In this age of not repairing anything and throwing things away it`s refreshing to find someone who`s trying to reduce their eco footprint !
  22. Fluffy

    Funnies !

    Peanut butter dog !
  23. Fluffy

    Funnies !

    I used to like peanut butter...now I`m not so sure !!
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