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  1. Good programs T. I like then. Thanks K Doty
  2. That or hopefully it isnt full of spyware or adware, running in the back ground utilizeing the resources.Could be a number of things if you really think about it.from how the pc has been kept up, to how it has been used online and if it has had proper protection while being used.i would suggest, just seeing how many processes are running first thing,then run a good spyware program, then scan it for viruses, then do the disk clean up..Just how much memory do you have on this pc? and the size of the processor.Anymore you just cant jump on the net a new comer to the internet, with out knowing how to protect your pc and yourself, along with knowing how to clean up your pc after you have been online. also use my regseeker program to clean up all those leftover files still in your registry, after all the add removed programs, you have done so in the past. add-remove doesnt remove them all correctly..That could be a problem also....
  3. I havent ever had a Spyware tool tell me CCleaner had anything.But that is a good heads up..I think that CCleaner is a mighty fine tool..I Have a Computer Business and suggest it in my forums, and place the program on most of my Clients Pc's.. K & D Technology Appreciates every bit of input and time, everyone puts into this forum and the program its self.. Thank You K Doty Owner K & D Tech
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