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  1. Depends on how many times. Most secure delete tools (For example: Eraser) uses a 35 pass algorithm, which I had no chance of recover with Recuva.
  2. What will this do and what r the benefits? There is no real benefits. It just a matter of prefer. Don't like programs to store keys and info in your registry base? Check it. From then CCleaner will store settings in a .ini file. Also to make it more "portable". What is an INI file ? .ini files often contains settings or program information for a program. But basically it is a text file. What does INI stand for? Not sure. Google says ("define: ini") it's a text file with variables. What kind of programs use INI files? Any kind of programs can use it. whats a cookie? ( other than the familiar chocolate chip variety ) A cookie is a text file which stores information from websites you visits. Like Google. What websites stores in those cookies is up to them. Often it's for tracking purposes and therefore many people don't want them to hang around your computer. Cookies can also store login sessions. What purposes do the tempory files and cookies and registry entries serve? Temporary files is what the name implies. It is temporary files that system just need for a while and now just stores them until you delete them. Like cookies. Often temporary files is downloaded files. Registry is your main variable database. It contains lot of information about the system and various things. But registry base is mainly for programs and your operating system. What r the benefits of deleting them,? Cookies and temporary files is just filling space once they are not needed anymore. Therefore delete them will clear up space. Deletion of registry keys is often due to broken keys or bad links. are there risks to leaving them? Depends on what you are doing. Delete cookies if you feel your been watch on the internet. Delete temporary files on the other hand might be a good idea. It clear up space and potential unwanted files. Registry keys should be handled with care. Delete the wrong key and you might not see the next reboot. So make sure what keys you delete. can viruses hide in cookies and tempoary internet files? Not in cookies but temporarily files is possible. Normal you have to "invite" them first but some abuses activex plugins and javascripts to force their way in. Hope you got the basic of what I said. English isn't my natively language .
  3. Hey everyone! I just downloaded Defraggler after have been using CCleaner for a good while now, and suppose that it works just as well. Yet I haven't been able to test that theory yet. For some reason it stops when it reaches a certain action. Here is the cut out of the log file with debug mode on: [2008-05-25] [02:22:20.159] 00f14 1 CDefragmentation::DefragPath#787 Path: "C:\System Volume Information\{d70e3bdc-29f4-11dd-9643-0016d3566099}{3808876b-c176-4e48-b7ae-04046e6cc752}"[2008-05-25] [02:22:20.159] 00f14 1 CDefragmentation::DefragFiles#690 Leaving CDefragmentation::DefragFiles[2008-05-25] [02:22:20.159] 00f14 1 CDefragmentation::DefragFiles#688 Leaving CDefragmentation::DefragFiles[2008-05-25] [02:22:20.159] 00f14 1 CVolumeOperationScheduler::ExecuteQueuedMethods#218 std::exception caught: boost::filesystem::is_directory: Adgang n?gtet[2008-05-25] [02:22:20.159] 00f14 1 CVolumeOperationScheduler::ExecuteQueuedMethods#231 ---------------- Long task finished (time: 14.340s, return code: 0x000003e3) ---------------- The text is where Defraggler seems to stop (Access Denied is what it says). I also tried to run as administrator but without luck. Computer Info: [2008-05-25] [02:21:56.462] 008ac 0 Logger::HostLogger::LogSystemInfo#615 C:\Program Files\Defraggler\defraggler.exe[2008-05-25] [02:21:56.462] 008ac 0 Logger::HostLogger::LogSystemInfo#616 Version: 1_1_73[2008-05-25] [02:21:56.462] 008ac 0 Logger::HostLogger::LogSystemInfo#624 Computer name: BusterNielse-PC[2008-05-25] [02:21:56.462] 008ac 0 Logger::HostLogger::LogSystemInfo#633 OEM ID: 0[2008-05-25] [02:21:56.462] 008ac 0 Logger::HostLogger::LogSystemInfo#634 Number of processors: 1[2008-05-25] [02:21:56.462] 008ac 0 Logger::HostLogger::LogSystemInfo#635 Page size: 4096[2008-05-25] [02:21:56.462] 008ac 0 Logger::HostLogger::LogSystemInfo#636 Processor type: 586[2008-05-25] [02:21:56.462] 008ac 0 Logger::HostLogger::LogSystemInfo#637 Minimum application address: 10000[2008-05-25] [02:21:56.462] 008ac 0 Logger::HostLogger::LogSystemInfo#638 Maximum application address: 7ffeffff[2008-05-25] [02:21:56.462] 008ac 0 Logger::HostLogger::LogSystemInfo#639 Active processor mask: 1 (OS: Vista Home Premium SP1, Danish Language) Also if the whole log file is wanted just say so, through I don't think that matters as they all just say "succeded" besides the one above. Anyway I hope I can solve this. Thanks in advance.
  4. Try make a shortcut on your desktop to the CCleaner and add this to run line: /AUTO Like this: Now the program will run with the last options selected (I guss), clean up, and exit. No input from you is needed.
  5. A great feature could be clean start menu. A gamer like me do install demoes and they make start menu folders. After I unstall the demoes the start menu folder is still there. So maybe you could add so CCleaner goes thougth the start menu and look for bad shortcuts? Anyway keep up the good work . Mr. Zero (Sorry for my english )
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