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  1. What is the purpose of giving us the option to disable automatic updates at installation.... if you nevertheless inserted CCleaner exes into the Windows Task Scheduler itself to permanently run !

    We are not complaining that you did so - but that you did not give us the *option* - just the option - to UNCHECK this at installation time and opt out of it.


    We have to come here, start threads, and only then be told that you did this and how you did it and how to disable it.

    An option, just an option at installation would keep *everyone* happy because they would have a *choice*.



    No matter what the intent, people use computers differently. We have computer illiterate cousins and friends on whose computers we disable ALL updates because the moment something out of the ordinary happens like Firewalls intercepting CCleaner trying to phone home (!)  guess who gets the call at 3am and has to drive 40 minutes to turn that off. It doesn't matter what the reason is, inserting yourself to run with Windows with no warning or OPT OUT option, is the exact _opposite_ of what the purpose of CCleaner is. Please make a CHECKABLE option to opt in or out of this intrusive behavior.

  2. As of the latest version 5.36 - even if you UNCHECK Auto Updating at installation - as soon as it is installed, CCUpdate.exe phones home and tries to phone home permanently after that.

    Why is any component, including CCUpdate.exe of CCleaner running at startup if Monitoring has been turned off?


    Is this a bug? Or is using Firewalls to hardblock CCleaner now the only way to intercept phone home / update checks?



  3. Well see that's why it's important to clarify that. CCleaner.exe is infected and Ccleaner64.exe is not.


    Why does 64-Bit version even install CCleaner.exe if it is not used at all on 64-Bit systems which use Ccleaner64.exe instead? If CCleaner.exe is never launched there there is no infection. But why is Ccleaner.exe even there on 64-Bit systems, what is its purpose, if it's never launched by the Desktop shortcut which clearly points to Ccleaner64.exe?

  4. Thank you. You know I don't know where you are getting that 64_bit system shortcuts are pointing to the non-64-bit exe, but can you investigate this and see if other people's shortcuts also point to 64-bit exe because if they do like on my system, you should probably put that front and center that 64-Bit system users have nothing to worry about.



    I am just a little concerned about the statement "ccleaner.exe which hands it off to ccleaner64" - can you please confirm that launching CCleaner64.exe does not *ever in any way* launch CCleaner.exe.

    In other words the infection on 64-Bit systems can only take place if a user actually manually browses to the installation folder and for some strange unknown reason manually activates CCleaner.exe instead of CCleaner64.exe?

  5. Usually the desktop shortcut points to ccleaner.exe which hands it off to ccleaner64. While we've not been informed whether the hand off happens before or after the malware loads, the staff (volunteer moderators) is speaking with Admins (Piriform employees like Tom (OP) in a separate place


    I clearly see my Desktop shortcut pointing to the 64-bit exe but rather than going into why my desktop shortcut is pointing to it, instead of as you say, the non-64 bit .exe -  would you please instead just

    take a look at these attached shortcut screenshots and confirm that there is a 100% certainty that running the shortcuts in the screenshots below and those shortcuts only, would *not* have activated the infection in any way?



  6. Thank you. And now the most important clarification question: Even though both CCleaner64.exe and CCleaner.exe are installed on 64-Bt systems. if only the CCleaner desktop shortcut was used, which always points to CCleaner64.exe, then that would mean that CCleaner.exe was never run, therefore really the only systems affected are 32-Bit ONLY systems since it's highly unlikely that someone would go out of their way and actually manually run Ccleaner.exe instead of CCleaner64.exe on a 64-Bit system. Is that correct?


    Because then most of us on 64-Bit systems have nothing to worry about then, even if we installed the infected version, since the non-64 bit exe was never run. It was installed, but never run, unless we manually went into the folder to run it. And who would do that on a 64-Bit system, almost no one. Correct?

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