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  1. What I'm thinking is maybe you can include a more advanced search/filter system in which you can select from a drop down list of options like "Video Files" which will only display files with extensions like .mpg, .avi., .ogm, etc. You could even possibly include some advanced options like narrowing it down to a specific extension, or file size. But some other examples to back up that last one for things to put in the filter menu would be "System Files" (.dll, .dat, .sys, etc.) or "Text Files" (.txt, .doc, etc.) or "Audio Files" (.wav, .mp3, .ogg, etc.) and so on... And also for the advanced search, something like "Find files that are used by this program:" and have a drop-down menu of installed software on the computer. But this is a great piece of software already, as is expected from the makers of CCleaner :] I can't wait to see the program evolve.
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