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  1. Hi, indeed I am in the UK Just to update that I got the CPU and it works fine with Windows 7, no sluggish or anything. I forgot to add that the reason why I was getting an old CPU was because it had to be compatible with my Shuttle xPC barebones system which only takes AM2 processors upto the Athlon 64's I think.
  2. I always look forward to new CCleaner releases
  3. Thanks all, I've ordered it along with other parts for my budget build for delivery tomorrow. I'll report back how I get on. :-)
  4. Thanks for that but I haven't bought the CPU yet Planning on getting it today
  5. Hi, anyone know if the AMD Sempron 3600+ AM2 CPU will be fine for running Windows 7? Thanks
  6. Thanks for that. It's just because I've heard that AM3 CPUs are backwards compatible with AM2. Don't know if that is true or not.
  7. Hi, Anyone know if the Shuttle SN68SG2 barebones box supports AMD's new AM3 socket processors? I did a quick Google search but couldn't find anything. Thanks
  8. Yep, it's a budget system here that I'm wanting to build too. I already have some spare parts that I would like to use in it like a cheap 128MB PCI-E graphics card and 2GB of the planned 4GB of RAM. Also the reason why I want to run Windows 7 on it is because I'm also planning on pre-ordering the discounted ?45 Windows 7 Home Premium aswell.
  9. Hi, I'm just wondering if the AMD Sempron LE-1250 2.20GHz CPU will be OK with Windows 7 Home Premium coupled with 4GB of DDR2 RAM? Thanks
  10. Excellent news! CCleaner is still the best! :-)
  11. Looks like someone is doing it again - LINK The seller has even designed a software box for it and is hotlinking images from CCleaner.com
  12. I had the same problem on a Windows 2000 machine I was sorting out which didn't have any service packs installed. It fixed itself after SP4 was installed.
  13. I always grab the latest slim build for my installs. English only and no toolbar.
  14. I'm pleased to say that with the latest version the whole drive was defragged within a couple of minutes without any hanging.
  15. Thanks all, going to see if I can find one for free going spare from someone, if not, I'll buy one cheap from eBuyer or Komplett.
  16. I've installed the latest version of Defraggler on one of my boxes, a Dell GX110 P3 600MHz machine with an 80GB IDE drive running Windows 2000 Pro. The hard drive has 96% free space. Defraggler has been sitting at 51% defragged for the past 2 hours. Is this normal?
  17. I do have a legal copy of Windows 2000 which I could make into an iso file
  18. Because I thought it might make things faster if the graphics had it's own dedicated RAM instead of using the system RAM. We're talking about a Dell here
  19. Hi, I have a Dell Dimension 2350 with 1GB of PC2100 RAM. I'm currently using the onboard graphics, if I add a 128MB PCI Graphics Card, will it make any improvement to the performance of the computer? I only use if for web browsing, documents, music etc no gaming. Also this PC is 5 years old and only has PCI solts, no PCI-E or AGP so has to be a PCI Graphics Card. P.S. The CPU-Z report file for this computer is the one in my signature Thanks
  20. I was wondering that myself!
  21. Will scan straight away!
  22. I was on my 'test box' pc (no security installed) and IE6 started popping up with adverts for some registry cleaner app called "Reg Helper". I closed it and it automatically started IE6 up again asking if I was sure I didn't want to download Reg Helper. Then when I closed that it left some gray box pop up ads for it. Is this program a trusted registry cleaner app? I would not trust any software with an advertising campaign like that. I was on filehippo.com at the time.
  23. I want to eliminate XP and use Windows 2000 as the OS. Formatting without installing Windows 2000 is not really the option I was looking for and if I made a partition the only way to install will be via XP where I will get the message saying I can't continue as XP is newer than Windows 2000. Thanks
  24. Hi, I have acquired a Compaq Evo N400c subnote laptop which is running Windows XP Professional. As being a subnote laptop it does not have a CD-ROM or Floppy Disk drive. I want to install and run Windows 2000 Professional but with having no CD-ROM drive I can't just boot from the CD, format and install as usual. The only way I can install Windows 2000 is to copy the setup files off the CD and onto a USB Flash Drive and try and install from within Windows XP, but when I try and run the install I just get the message saying that the current installed version of Windows is newer than the one I'm trying to install and will not let me continue with the install. Is there any way round this at all? I really want to get Windows 2000 running on this laptop. I know there is a drive bay compartment available for the N400c that clips onto the bottom on the laptop to add CD-ROM functionality but I don't want to spend money on getting one of these as this will be the only time it would get used. Also the N400c does not have the option of USB boot from within the BIOS so can't boot from a USB drive either. I will appreciate any imput on this situation. Thanks
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