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  1. that was one of the first things I tried... I just tried to run a whole windows repair. I have just uninstalled office xp and installed office 2003... anymore ideas?
  2. I have completely uninstalled MS office, and reinstalled it to no avail. please any other help would be great.... I don't know what to do and again this is a very important client.
  3. okay so I have a P4 1.8 GHz 512RAM computer. XP Pro in a domain. I was just doing some system cleanup (for our Mayor no less) and I finish running CCleaner, and leave the computer. 30 seconds later he comes and gets me and says that he can't open his word documents. He can open files from file>open in word and it works perfectly fine. If he tries it from windows explorer (meaning he just double clicks on a .doc file) it opens word, but it doesn't open the file. If he right clicks on a .txt file and says open with word it opens fine... I am at a loss I have tried messing with the
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