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  1. Sorry about that - not only did I get your name wrong but also failed to see the link. JC bows head and heads for the corner. EDIT: Thanks. Everything worked out well.
  2. Thanks Matavari, for the quick reply. Can you and would you suggest a place I can download the minimal of the vb runtime. Thanks
  3. I realise this is an old thread hense the question - is the current version capable of running under win98. I've tried running it but it gives me somekind of vb error. Is there a copy of a version which does run without having to install vb. I have two basic 98 machines which I would like to put thru CCleaner. Thanks
  4. A bit late with my thanks. Sorry about that. JC
  5. As frustration sets in, I guess my question is, WHY are the items listed an issue???
  6. I am totally surprised that there would not be an answer to this on CCleaner's own Forum. Thanks
  7. Is there somewhere a glossary or meaning of Issues such as those below. It's one thing saying there is an issue but what does it mean. Thanks, an appreicative user.
  8. Thanks ever so much for the quick reply.
  9. First of all, thank you for the software. It is fast and at first glance it looks easy to use. I also like its GUI - its very pleasing to the eyes. Here's my first question with apologies before hand if it has been askes before. Limitations of the search on these fora do not allow for a phrase search. What does "Old start menu key" mean? It refers to HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Explorer\MenuOrder\StartMenu2\Programs\Name of Program I've come across a lot of "?????? issues" but that doesn't really tell me what the issue is. Help would be appreciated Thanks
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