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  1. You are completely right. is standard for most routers!
  2. *hands up* bad me for not searching first! but still, no1 has done portable Recuva yet, although i believe its only a single exe. ill look into it ty!
  3. For those of you who love showing off CCleaner, wouldnt it be so awsum if u didnt have to install it aswell. www.portableapps.com offers many portable apps. i want CCleaner to be added to that list. trouble is, its not open source, or as far as i can make out it isnt anyway. maybe the kind people who own it would aid in making it portable? i know a handful of ppl who would want it right now! plus it would be good if recuva was made in a portable format aswell. who here agrees with me? so piriforma team, u up for this challenge?
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