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  1. yes 3 files are as you asking \System Volume Information\ with random names why? giuseppe cavalieri
  2. i am running windows 7 home premium (32 bit) al last update level after analyzing my c drive defraggler tells me i have 9% fragmentation. just to test functionality, i restarted my computer in save mode and i executed defraggler, after the deframemtation process i had 3 fragments and 7% fragmentation. then i restarted my pc in normal mode, i restarted defraggler and the analysis tell me i have 17% fragmentation.. any ideas?? thank you in advance giuseppe cavalieri
  3. dan, than you for the replay. you are right!!!! the run of "check drive for error" is the solution. pippo cavalieri
  4. i am running vista home premium sp1 al last update level. i have the same problem: space reduction on my laptop. aftter each defraggler run my free space is getting less.. the post regarding the restore points do not apply to my situation.. i delete all restore points except the last one before and after the runs. i think this is a big problem. after two runs (for testing purposes) i lost about 5 gb of free space. i am using the version 1.02.085, but i noticed the same problem with the previous version too. thank you for any help/suggestions pippo cavalieri
  5. i am using tha last version of CCleaner under Vista Home Premium (at the last update level). if i check the option in CCleaner "Hotfix Uninstallers" the analysis gives back zero files to clean. but i had a lot of hotfixes update. does the Hotfix Uninstallers option work correctly on Vista systems? thank you for any help/answer giuseppe cavalieri
  6. i just installed CCleaner v1.39.502 form v1.38.445... using the check for update from the CCleaner start panel i am getting a wrong anwer: a new version v1.38.445 is available... probably the facilitx is checking just for different (and non minor) version.. a part of this peanuts CCleaner is a wonderful tool congratulations to the developpers greatings pippocavalieri
  7. here the backup .reg file as txt document: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\MSComCtl2.FlatScrollBar] @="Microsoft Flat Scrollbar Control, version 6.0" [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\MSComCtl2.FlatScrollBar\CLSID] @="{FE38753A-44A3-11D1-B5B7-0000C09000C4}" [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\MSComCtl2.FlatScrollBar\CurVer] @="MSComCtl2.FlatScrollBar.2" [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\MSComCtl2.FlatScrollBar.2] @="Microsoft Flat Scrollbar Control, version 6.0" [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\MSComCtl2.FlatScrollBar.2\CLSID] @="{FE38753A-44A3-11D1-B5B7-0000C09000C4}" [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
  8. After CCleaner scan for registry issues and fixing the reported issues (2 ActiveX/Com and 17 Uninstaller Reference) the SigmaTelAudio driver becomes corrupted. Backing up (merging) the .reg file to the registry was able to repair the audio driver. Bug in the registry functon of CCleaner? I am using CCleaner v1.33.382 on a XP Profesional. I use this function very often, but is is the first problem I have with. CCleaner is one of the best tools I use Thank you in advance Giuseppe Cavalieri P.s.: sorry i was not able to create a list of the registry issues involved
  9. using the new option "Windows Defender cleaning" causes cleaning od the last scan information in Windows Defender history, so it seems i have never performed a scan. This situation starts an attention item on the task bar, promting the user to perform a new Windows Defender scan. At moment, the only possibility to handle this problem is to uncheck Windows Defender cleaning. thank you giuseppe cavalieri
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