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  1. Just tested it - it's the same for both IE and FF...
  2. CCleaner 2.24.1010 / Windows 7 Build 7100 (Official RC) / Firefox 3.53 / Java 1.6.0_16 Simply: the Sun Java cache is not cleaned. Tried a number of times with all apps closed, then check in the Java Control Panel - cache files are still there. Updating this in the hope that someone else will please test and confirm. Now running clean (formatted HD) install of Windows 7 Ultimate. CCleaner still does not clean the Java cache after running Java applets in Firefox on various sites. Why doesn't this work?
  3. Hi, Trying the latest CCleaner with Windows 7 RC. All good, except that it is no longer possible to add the right-click shortcuts to the Recycle Bin itself. Interested if anyone else has tried it with Windows 7...
  4. V1.07. Scans, no files listed, 'bad allocation' message at bottom of window. V1.06 - no problem. I thought this issue had been fixed.
  5. It works (Temp Internet Files that is). I've dumped the the latest version until they fix this. Can't understand what they've done to mess this up after years of successful cleaning...
  6. For the first time ever I have a problem. 2.00.500 is not cleaning Temporary Internet Files in IE7 at all. XP / SP2
  7. Hi, You may have come across an IE7 add-on called IE7Pro: http://www.ie7pro.com/ This is a nice add-on that works well, including a 'tab history' that it maintains across sessions. Could we have cleaning of that tab history added to CCleaner please? If anyone knows of a 'workaround' using 'Custom' I 'd be glad to know about it. Thanks.
  8. JeremyWW


    Nope, Cookies don't get cleaned...they must be somewhere else. Cache is being cleaned with no problem. Jeremy
  9. JeremyWW


    And cookie cleaning? Can't see a way to do that...(other than in KM itself, but then I want to protect some...) Jeremy
  10. JeremyWW


    Ahhh...I didn't look hard enough! It was under Local Settings\Application Data etc etc...working now, thanks again.
  11. JeremyWW


    There is no 'cache' as such. The latest version of KM seems to use a proprietary database file of some sort, so I guess we need the functionality built into ccleaner for this to work with the latest KM. I'll check out AdBlock but maybe the reason it crashed my KM is that there's been some fundamental changes to the architecture / file structure in this latest version. Thanks, Jeremy
  12. JeremyWW


    Back again... mfenech, I'm using the latest version of K-Melion (1.02) and neither of the paths you suggest exist!...Can't find them anywhere - so currently I guess I'll have to wait for the next CCleaner version. Thanks anyway.. Jeremy
  13. JeremyWW


    Well, thanks for all the info!! Would you mind giving me a link to the AdBlock version you used, and how you installed it for KM? I tried it the other day and KM wouldn't start after I'd tried to add AdBlock. Maybe I used the wrong version...?? BTW, I think KM is a hell of a lot better than FF. faster and far more customisable.... Thanks again, Jeremy.
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