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  1. DeeDee -- Check out Hazelnut's reply above, seems like Norton's the culprit.
  2. Thanks Hazelnut -- It makes sense that Norton would be involved, hadn't thought about that angle. CCleaner's an innocent bystander. Sometimes I feel like a ping-pong ball bouncing back and forth between MS and Norton. Sure wish those two would get together for compatibility sake. All I want is a PC that works correctly. Oh well, maybe someday . . .
  3. First time poster here. I recently posted this to ACF ng and it was suggested I report it here. I started using CCleaner (v1.38.485) which is very quick and efficient, however I believe it blows away my Dell XPS410 (WinXP/SP2) PC restore points. When I tried restore recently, no matter which point I selected, it would not work. This attempt was after running CCleaner about 2 hours earlier. Is there a setting within CCleaner which will stop this from happening? Thanks.
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