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    I find myself at a loss of words. Rridgely pretty such covered everything i would have hit on and quite alot more i might add. I havnt seen that big of a post in a really long time The Linux vs Windows battle will never be over. And there will always be thousands of people on forums across the internet having the exact same convo's. None of us went into this thread ready for our mind to be changed, and i dont think they will change : ) Either way, ive been experimenting with vista almost since release and so far i cant see why everyone has so many bad oppinions of it because as far as
  2. Hey there Jamex. Envy A228 ^^---- Check that out. I configured one to what i would want and it came to around $2800, putting you right at your $3000 mark. As you know Dell is to XPS and Alienware as HP is to their Voodoo pc's. Given that im an HP fan through and through i would def go for a Voodoo PC if i had 3000 to spend on a gaming laptop.
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    Hey there XPSP2. I do understand what your saying about multiple users. For years i had to share with my parents until i recently got my own laptop as a "Congrats, son, you survived 18 years on this earth" present Regardless of my good habits as a computer user my parents would often screw it up due to computer illiteracy. In that aspect, i can certainly see how Linux gives you complete peace of mind having to have multiple users on a single computer. As for burning dvds. People have blown vista's DRM totally out of perspective. Its a complete misunderstanding. Its not nearly as bad
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    I believe rridgely was refering to programs that arnt in the 'catalog' of available programs. I went through this little linux craze at one time, tried out Ubuntu Dapper, Mandriva One, and Gentoo. Unless you want to learn how to really fool with those irritating tarball files and learn to manually install applications then your completely limited to only the application that are in your catalog. Linux fascinated me at first but i believe that was only due to that it was new to me, as it quickly became irritating to deal with having to look up tutorials for getting certain format support and ge
  5. Alrighty, a few posts have already been created concerning the widespread error in which CCleaner is not able to be automatically ran while User Account Control (UAC) is on. Otherwise, you have to o.k its running each time that you turn your computer on, which is a necessary hastle that i dont believe can be altered by CCleaner as either way your modifying the registry and it will prompt you regardless. This goes for probably nearly every registry cleaner. The second problem lies within Windows Defender. When you set CCleaner to automatically run itself at startup youll be prompted that a
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