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  1. When you check for updates, here is what happens : Strange, isn't it?
  2. I also agree. Could be very useful in some situations.
  3. For me, Recuva keep getting better. It always good to have this type of tool ready in urgent cases. But I keep my major critic : Recuva still need to improve the way it recovers files : some good quality files are still corrupted when recovered. But keep on! Its stil a great tool and its still [beta]!
  4. To continue in the line, to continue with the idea of the tooltip, why not, by right click, offer the possibility in a File Properties window to know more about this selected file? (Its size, attributes, complete path, MD5 sum, quality, by which file overwritten, etc... all the descriptions n one window to have an overview of this file. ). Could also be good for more selected files. Right-click : could also include "Delete" option in adition to the "Recover" and "Properties" one. Just an extra suggestion knowing it will be integrated. EDIT : additionally, in the right click or somewhere else, could be a "Select/Deselect All" button/option. (Acutally, I don't mean just underlining the files but I mean checking them).
  5. I did not see anywhere that you could recover disabled registry keys. I don't know if it is possible, but it would be good. If it is already implemented, it would be better to seperate File Recovery and Registry Recovery.
  6. Under Windows 98 (don't know on other versions but should be the same on similar platforms), the Options and About window is much too big and the letter's size is also bigger compared to XP.
  7. I up back this topic with another suggestion : in tree view, a tooltip next to the mouse giving extra details on a file. See screenshot of how it should look like.
  8. I tried to scan une of my SD/MMC/CF or whatever card drive, empty, and the program crashed. Here is the error log : Recuva v43===========System Info: MS Windows XP SP2, Intel Pentium 4 CPU 2.93GHz, 2.0GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GT/GTOH?[19:54:27] ErrorNo: 536870913 OtherInfo:cundeletedrv_gtdisksz:ERROR_FREESPACE, syslaserr21, 21 By the way, again another display error conserning different drives. Only a screenshot can describe the problem :
  9. I have seen that, in the tree view, when you select an element in a list, all the elements above have the same ticks as if all the element of the tree was selected. In most programs, when you select only one part of the tree, there is a green scare rather than a green tick. Should be useful to avoid confusion.
  10. As shown in the image below, the latest version of Recuva [1.01.043 (BETA)] has a slight trick : it keeps displaying he has found only 8 files. Unfortunetly, when he finished processing, there are mush more files than he said.
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