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  1. This is exactly what has happened on our side also. The only difference that I can see is that we were using the /AUTO switch to allow for automatic cleaning. The funny thing is that after running this /AUTO switch and then manually checking for crap finds that you did not actually remove what would have if you would have manually ran the program and the Clean. Come on now CCleaner and test your products thouroughly before "giving" it to us. Maybe you just might get some of those Donations you all seek sooooo badly! http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=14404 Justin
  2. Version of CCleaner - v2.04.543 - Slim Version of Internet Explorer - 7 with all updates applied Version of Operating System - Windows XP Professional (DOMAIN) We have used CCleaner for over a year across 200 plus computers. The product has worked great up until this last build that was pushed. I have built a maintenance script that is using batch calls to call the Unattended removal (CCleaner /AUTO) which is supposed to run and remove the CRAP. I have verified that that switch removes some of the temp files, but immediately running CCleaner without the /AUTO displays a ton of temp files. This is not even the beginning of the problem! The issue that this discussion is leading to is how we have most recently had an incident with CCleaner that has either replaced Windows System files, and caused the system to be missing HAL.DLL and all of the other files needed for startup. I have done much internal testing on this. During this maintenance time, the screen displays a notification about are you sure you want to replace the system file. This obviously has halted that maintenance package that has ran in the past oh so well. We were even considering donating funds for the great things CCleaner has done for us, but now we are considering another route. PS- The only solution that I have found for this is to Repair the Windows Installation, or perform a system restore, as the reboot after Temp clean would immediately not load Windows.
  3. Hello all! I am currently scripting an awesome package to install, deploy and remove icons (prevent user issues) from the start menu and so forth. I am completed with batch file creation, but we still have some questions regarding future updates, and of course compatibility. First of all a recommendation - I would like to see CCleaner produce a log file that we can use to script a report of crap removed. Is there one? I have looked high and low, and still have not found the location. I would also like this to be available on the LITE version of CCleaner. Also is there going to be any command line switch options for the registry optimization? Second issue is the compatibility issues that I am trying to overcome. Is this fully compatible with Windows Server environments? We are going to be deploying this Maintenance Package across the board which will include Windows XP workstations, SBS2003 and 2000 servers. I do not think there will be any compatibility issues, but I have not found any information regarding the complete compatibility. Thanks to everyone in advance, and good luck cleaning up CRAP!! UPDATE: I found the complete compatability list, which includes 2003. My new concern is the event logs and the Administrator needed data logs. It looks like my scripting is going to have to save those log files and then copy them back. (i wonder if that would work?) anyways keep it real!! REUPDATE: System Logs are uneffected by this clean when your CCleaner.ini has your saved settings. more scripting!!
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