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  1. Anyone know if a Macrium Reflect Image restore is computer/hardware specific -- or if it will restore back to any HD on any computer?
  2. Not sure where this link leads, but Malwarebytes doesn't like it and blocked it.
  3. Using CacheSet, how do you best go about determining the appropriate and optimal minimum/maximum settings?
  4. Works great! Wouldn't be without it.
  5. This isn't too bad if you really want to review duplicate files - and it's free. It searches for duplicates by file name, file date, file size - and then if matched, by checksum (MD5).
  6. Not trying to impose myself here as an expert on this -- nor do I use this software -- but I do think there is a difference between "System Protect" and "System Protect 2009," which is a known rogue app.
  7. That's sure interesting. I've been running both for a several months now with no problems at all. Where did they say the incompatibility lies? Possibly some other conflict??
  8. No particular reason. I guess just because it was available -- pretty light on size and resources -- and it was free. So, thought it was worth giving it a try.
  9. I've been using it, too, for a while. Works fine for me with Avira, Sandboxie, Malwarebytes, Outpost Firewall -- no problems. Seems to be a nice little app.
  10. Tom AZ

    SpeedFan setting

    That seems pretty hot, but you could check it out against HDTune (Free) to see if you come up with the same reading.
  11. Would like to see the screenshots, Dennis. Thanks.
  12. You're probably right, Andavari, I'm sure that's exactly what it is.
  13. I have a WD My Book Essential (1TB), which is incredibly quiet so I can hardly hear it. I suppose it too automatically spins down, but it also seems to have a mind of its own (something must be accessing it from time to time). I even tried this utility. It seems to work for a while, but then the drive becomes "active" again.
  14. How do you know your WD has an automatic 5 minute spindown? I have a WD as well . . . just wondering how you found that out.
  15. I use my computer a lot for business. Typically, it's on continuously for about 15-16 hours a day -- six days a week. Along with that, I also use an external hard drive, which has become an integral part of my "system." My question is this . . . is it OK for my external to be on continuously along with my computer for the same periods of time mentioned above?
  16. That's what I thought. I was afraid of that.
  17. Actually, my system drive is not that large -- only 80MB -- with about 33MB used. I'm not sure I want to commit that much of my remaining free space to a snapshot. However, I do have a 1TB external drive. I don't suppose the snapshot can be written to an external??
  18. That sounds really good, Hazel. Two questions: 1) Does a "snapshot restore" in any way affect your data and/or program files -- or is the restore limited to "system items" only (apart from data and programs)? 2) What's the size of one of these "snapshots?" Does it duplicate the size of your current system drive, or is it something smaller? In other words, if I had an 80MB HD with about 45MB of free space, approximately how large would the snapshot be? The concept of this app sounds really good, but I'm a little concerned about how much space it would consume.
  19. Anyone tried the fairly new release of FirstDefense - Rescue? This appears to be a somewhat pared back and revised re-release of the older and no-longer-available "FD-ISR" program.
  20. Other than Returnil and PowerShadow, is there any other similar virtualization software that's been around for a while -- and that's reputable?
  21. Anyone know if Avira has cleaned up their AV v10 problems yet?
  22. Tom AZ

    avast 5

    Thanks guys, good to know. I've been using AVIRA Premium (v9) for quite a while now and have been very happy with it. However, with all the negatives I've been hearing about the new release (v10), I'm not sure just what to do. Of course, I guess I could continue using v9 and just forget about the upgrade.
  23. Tom AZ

    avast 5

    I did read that. However, I am not currently an Avast user, so I assume that this "Mail Shield" scans all incoming mail and attachments. Is that correct?
  24. Tom AZ

    avast 5

    Does Avast 5 Free automatically scan incoming/outgoing pop3 e-mail when using an e-mail client such as Thunderbird, Eudora, etc.?
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