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  1. Totally got rid of it a few days ago -- no negative effects as yet.
  2. Dennis, would an uninstall under Returnil work just to test out a few apps?
  3. Can you provide more examples of some other fairly common and popular apps that use Java?
  4. Thanks - I'll give this a try. I generally use Returnil for software testing, but I'll see what happens with Sandboxie.
  5. Good to know - thanks Hazel. For some reason, I thought it had gone exclusively commercial. By the way, I've pretty much limited my Sandboxie use to internet activity. Can it also be used for "testing" software like with other virtualization programs? If so, how would you do that?
  6. Is Sandboxie still freeware? Seems like I remember that several versions ago it went commercial?
  7. Works great, Shane. Much better - at least for me.
  8. In HostMan, what does "resolve host name" do and when should it be used?
  9. That was sure fast! Downloading now -- anxious to give it a try. THANKS so much.
  10. Actully, that would work fine for me. I would prefer that over the current right-click option. By the way, could you provide a real simple 1-2-3 list of just the "pro" features.
  11. Sure wish there were a one-click manual clean like there was in 1.70 (without a hotkey). I used that button a lot.
  12. Thanks again, guys, for giving me some insight on this. One other question, Andavari, in everyday real life, what's the likelihood of your hosts file being hijacked? I could easily lock mine with with my firewall, but I've never done that.
  13. Very interesting. Do you advise using it or not?
  14. HostMan has the option to "Optimize" the "hosts" file. I'm not exactly sure what this does, but is it something that should be done?
  15. Tom AZ

    Recycle Bin Size

    Oh... that's right ! Thanks for refreshing my memory.
  16. Just had a "senior moment" -- forgot how to change the size of the Recycle Bin in Windows XP. Help??
  17. When it comes to the most basic function of CleanMem (freeing memory), will 2.0 do anything that 1.7 will not do?
  18. Exactly, how do you do this with HostsMan? Also, once you identify an unwanted HOSTS entry(s) using the log file, do you delete the entry(s), disable it, or something else?????
  19. Thanks for the help - exactly what I needed to know. Do either of you load HostMan or HostsServer when Windows starts and run them active, or do you just launch them when you have a "special need"? Part of my reason for asking is that I'm not sure how resource intensive they are.
  20. I am currently using the MVPS Hosts file. On a website my wife visits, "some" activity is regularly blocked or restricted. I know it's the HOSTS file, because when I disable it, everything works just fine. She can pretty well navigate around the site with no problems. However, when she tries adding an item to the shopping cart and/or attempts to check out, that's when the trouble begins. Obviously, it not the whole site that's blocked ? just some activity on the site. So... how in the world do you begin to identify the offending entry/IP address in order to either delete it or whitelist it? I'm not really sure how to go about this.
  21. Anyone have any experience (pro or con) with Easeus Partition Master Home Edition. I see that a new update was just released and am considering giving it a try.
  22. I just ran a disk fragmentation analysis with the most current version of Defraggler and it showed 11% fragmentation. I immediately then ran an analysis with the most current version of Auslogics Disk Defrag and it showed 5% fragmentation. Why the big discrepancy?
  23. I have quite a few boot/rescue CDs: Macrium Reflect - Linux Macrium Reflect - Windows PE, which includes Redeploy and Disk Restore Paragon Rescue Disk 9 - Linux Paragon Rescue Disk 10 - Linux Paragon Advanced Recovery 10 - Linux Paragon Advanced Recovery 10 - Windows PE Avira (AntiVir) Rescue Boot Disk BartPE Boot CD with Macrium Reflect Plugin As I look at this list, it seems like a bit of over-kill. Am I being a little paranoid about this? I guess retaining the CDs isn't too much of a storage problem (just in case...), but for some reason, I still have the BartPE Builder installed on my HD, taking about 325MB of space. Can the Builder itself be uninstalled? By the way, I've only had to use one of the above on one occasion ? and that was because of a stupid mistake on my part.
  24. You're right, Alan. I guess I didn't read the original post too carefully -- thought that's what they wanted to do -- migrate to a new computer.
  25. Actually it is with the right Macrium setup. Macrium offers an add-on (Addition) they call "ReDeloy" that's capable of doing this. It costs about $20, but I don't know if it works with the free version of Reflect. You may need the commercial version that includes the Windows PE 2.0 recovery option (instead of linux). Here's a link where you can read more about it.
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