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  1. Anyone know the difference between the Malwarebytes free version and the commercial version?
  2. Tom AZ


    Anyone have any experience with Mamutu -- good or bad?
  3. Just read Dennis' post about stripping language files out of iTunes. In general, how do you identify language files/folders in applications? Also, if the files are contained in a folder, is it safe to delete the entire folder -- or is it better just to delete the contents of the folder (leaving the folder itself)?
  4. If you have setup any files and/or folders to "exclude," there will be some fragmentation after defragging.
  5. You could check out Audacity. I haven't used it myself, but it seems to get pretty good press.
  6. Is there any general rule of thumb as to how frequently -- or at what level of fragmentation -- this should be performed?
  7. I sort of thought so, but some seem to be faster than others.
  8. I'm wondering which app might be the "best" for compacting the registry. I've used all of the following: NTREGOPT, Auslogics Registry Defrag, Registry Mechanic and Registry Defrag Free. Is one of these better than another -- or are they all about the same?
  9. Just wondering if there's a potential problem with deleting empty folders? I'm assuming that some programs require these (empty) folders from time to time. Is there any way to differentiate between the ones that might be needed and the ones that are not?
  10. Outpost has an Auto-Learn Mode that you can engage for whatever period of time you think is necessary. During that time, everything is virtually "hands free." For most, a week should be more than adequate -- several people I know have used Auto-Learn for as little as 3-4 days. It works very well.
  11. I'd suggest Outpost Firewall Free. Highly rated and well respected.
  12. Good advice. I am using FEBE as I always have. Also, it appears to create a bookmark backup everyday and puts them in the Bookmarkbackup folder. I wonder if there's a way to limit the number of backups it creates so you're keeping just the most recent 3 or 4 days?
  13. I finally figured out the actual active bookmark file in Firefox Portable . . . it's "places.sqlite"
  14. Appreciate the help, but I think these are backup copies -- not the active bookmark file itself.
  15. Can anyone tell me the name and location of the Bookmark file in Firefox Portable 3.5.2? Thanks.
  16. Actually, I'm using FF 3.5.2 from PortableApps.com on my hard drive only. So, do I understand correctly that there are no cache or cookie files to clean with this type of usage?
  17. Can anyone tell me how to clean cookies and cache files from Firefox Portable on my HD -- or doesn't FF Portable create these things??
  18. Thanks for all the help, Icedrake. Not sure how I missed the how to change the "default browser," but I did.
  19. Couldn't find it ? where is it?
  20. I currently have a full install of Firefox 2 on my computer and designated as my default browser. I've just started using FF 3.5.2 portable concurrently with that install of FF2. So now, I have a few questions because of having both versions: 1) Because FF 2 is my default browser, how do I get FF 3.5.2 Portable to open under Sandboxie? 2) For the FF extensions that don't install directly from the Firefox Add-On menu itself, how do I point a *.exe extension install to the right version (the portable version in this case), so it doesn't re-install in version 2? (An example of this would be McAfee Site Advisor -- or Roboform) 3) Lastly, how do I get all of my bookmarks from FF2 to FF Portable?
  21. So, how would make FF 3.5.2 (portable) your default browser?
  22. If the portable version works out, could I just use it as my permanent desktop browser, or is there a downside to that?
  23. What exactly is the purpose portable software ? how does it differ from the standard installed versions ? and why do people choose to use it?
  24. For several years, I've been a avid FIREFOX fan and user ? I love the add-ons, the layout and all the other features. During most of that time, I had very few problems. For some reason, however, over the last month or so, I've had more and more problems with FF not responding and reacting properly. Quite honestly, it's become rather annoying. So much so that I'm seriously thinking of going back to IE7 (gasp!!!). Even though I'm not a huge fan of IE, it seems to be more stable and reliable -- at least on my machine. Having said that, there are a few things in FIREFOX that are rather important to me. However, I haven't used IE for so long, I'm not sure if something similar exists in IE -- or if there are similar add-ons. So, here are some of the Firefox features/add-ons for which I'm wondering if there is an IE counterpart: 1) Bookmarks "Search Bar." Is there one for IE ? or is there an add-on to create one? 2) "AdBlocker Plus" - for blocking ads 3) "InformEnter" ? a little add-on to simplify online form filling 4) "FEBE" - for backing up your Bookmarks and other profile info 5) "Tempomail" - for creating temporary e-mail addresses 6) The ability to create personal toolbars and folders Any help/thoughts would be appreciated.
  25. Not sure it's any "better," but it is a little different -- probably a little more aggressive (which is not necessarily a good thing, unless you know exactly what you're doing).
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