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  1. I have a little Firefox issue I can't figure out. I frequently visit a "news" site that just recently changed its format, layout and overall appearance. This particlar site has a lot of small photos -- often with a caption and a sentence or two of text under these photos.


    It appears that I have some sort of rendering or registration problem with this particular site. When I access the site, what I get is a lot of blank boxes with the photo above the box (photo should be in the box). I've tried clearing both the browser cache and cookies, but that doesn't fix it. Any other suggestions.


    By the way, I don't have this problem with IE7 and the it seems to be isolated to this site using Firefox -- and I didn't have this problem until they redesigned their site about a week ago.

  2. My guess is this one


    [icon Cache*]






    That's not it Alan, but I still haven't found it. One other thing that's happening along with changing ICONS to DETAILS is that the window size itself is also being reduced. I'm not sure what you call it, but it's the size between Maximized and Minimized.

  3. WinApp2.ini can zap the iconcache,

    Windows is supposed to rebuild it but many failed "cures" on the Internet show this may fail.


    I think the icons might actually be there or are being rebuilt because when I go into one of these folders -> click View -> click Icons it changes them from Details to Icons just fine. And they seem to be staying that way until I run CCleaner again.


    BTW, are all of my checkbox setting choices stored in the winapp.ini file?



  4. I have a number of frequently accessed folders on my desktop. Inside those folders are program shortcuts set to display as Icons. I've noticed recently since version 3.22 that every time I run CCleaner, they get reset from "Icons" to "Details." I may have something improperly checked, but I can't seem to figure out what is resetting them.


    BTW, I've even tried running CCleaner repeatedly until there's nothing left to clean. Then I've gone back and reset everything back to display as Icons, run Analyze in CCleaner (nothing shows up) and then run Remove. When I go back to those folders, they're all been changed from the Icon format to the Details format.


    Any thoughts? (XP SP3 - also running Winapp2.ini).

  5. Maybe read user reviews on download sites. According to the handful of user reviews on Softpedia.com it doesn't support 64-bit.

    Still 32bit here, Andavari, so that's not a problem. Guess I was a little more concerned with how well it performed, resource usage, how much of a system slowdown there was (if any), etc.

  6. Thanks, Login, a very comprehensive review and analysis indeed. This helps a lot. As I mentioned previously, I had v.1.6 installed and it worked well. But when they released 1.7 -- Whoa!!!! (at least on XP). I had some serious BSOD issues that took hours to correct. However, it was reported that these were fixed in a subsequent version. But after my BSOD experience I've been very reluctant to try it again.


    Anyway, thanks again for your all your help.

  7. Anyone successfully using the most current version of Toolwiz Time Freeze on a XP SP3 box? I had tried an earlier version which worked very well, then updated to a later version that ended up being a disaster in XP. That problem, however, is supposedly corrected, but I have been a little afraid to give it a try.

  8. That looks more inticing than the one I just started using, the small size and ability to use checksum files all from one program will be nice.

    One small additional feature is that you can highlight multiple files simultaneously, right-click for Properites, then the checksums for all of those files are displayed in the Checksum tab.

  9. The Macrium Boot Rescue CD can VALIDATE an image backup file without any commitment to overwrite Windows.

    This should confirm whether or not the external drive can be accessed from the Rescue CD,

    and regardless of success or failure you can still boot into an undamaged Windows.


    Good point.

  10. Thanks for the help and reassuring comments. And, Dennis, thanks for the DiskRestore suggestion. Actually, I'll have to check, but I believe I might already have a copy of that little app. Currently, I'm running Macrium version 5 Pro. With that comes the ability to create a Windows PE rescue CD, which includes "Disk Restore" as a menu option on that bootable CD.


    By the way, for anyone having concerns similar to what I expressed yesterday, I contacted Macrium support and here's what I heard back:


    "Macrium Reflect itself has never had any issues when restoring from external USB hard drives. Some customers in the past have had hardware issues (such as faulty cabling, degrading hardware) which can contribute toward restore issues. Other issues have tended toward newer USB3 hardware and driver support."

  11. I just saw this today over at Wilders and it kind of scared me:


    "Today i tried to restore a macrium reflect image and when i get to the macrium rescue wizard at boot up it will not recognise or display my external hard drive at all so i could not restore an image."


    This is exactly what I do -- backup my Macrium Reflect Image(s) to a Western Digital USB external HDD. I don't believe this person mentioned which version of Macrium they were using, but their comment sure concerned me. All along, I've assumed a restore would work if it were needed, but now I'm wondering.


    Anyone know anything about this or have a similar experience?

  12. I just didn't realise that the File Protection feature could protect entire drives, and not just files and folders.


    So how do you set that up, Dennis? Do you just string the drive letters together with commas? Or to be specific, what would be the nomanclature for adding two external usb HDDs?


    Disregard, Dennis, I figured it out.

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