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  1. (Sorry for my bad english!) for some locations often is useless to undelete and users do not search for files in that locations. e.g.: %appdata%\(...)temporary internet files or %systemdrive%\%temp% or %systemdrive%\%tmp% and so on... It would be great for the user to edit a list of path for exclusion. Then when start scanning, a thick selection "use exclusions" (yes/no) ... in the list, recuva can guide/help user with the typical paths useless to undeletion
  2. i hope in a wipe option too! "wipe free space" or, after the list of the recoverable files, select what file(s) to delete with easy to use selections ... and wipe! i suggest some testing AFTER wipe, useful also with third party wipe programs.
  3. (sorry for my bad english) I've tried this test: i used "disk redactor" ( http://www.cezeo.com/products/disk-redactor/ ) for wiping my system hard disk (selecting "no last 16K wipe") ... this tool simply writes a big file as huge as the free space at the moment is. Then i used recuva that listed a lot of files that can be recovered at "excellent" state... obviously that's not true: the whole of the space was overwritten. That tool is only one of many of these available in the net (freely). Bye!
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