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  1. Yes, well that's your point of view. You were accusatory. And pedantic. Here's something you need to review: software users are not necessarily developers or IT experts, etc. We may have no desire at all to learn how to be one. We generally have no idea what amount of detail - and there are tons of details in any PC - would be 'helpful' until somebody who needs the info asks for it. Key word: ask. Compare the response - earlier than yours - from the moderator of this forum: "Hi pixelwizard. It seems a few users are experiencing this problem, and I'm sure the devs will be onto it. Thanks for the information." Note that there was no request for further detail in that. And there was no judgmental "you are unhelpful" in it either. It's all a moot point now, as v2.30 was issued today. I have tried it out. Regarding the issue in question in this thread, to me it seems fixed. Not that I can stop you, but kindly don't reply to any of my future posts.
  2. Um, sorry. Had no idea the pathway could make any difference and can't really help all that much. I no longer am using 2.29.1111 and won't be reinstalling it. So I can't say whether the one other folder I have [for a long time, across a few versions] specified to be emptied was in fact successfully emptied by it. I never looked. Attached: a screen capture of the two folders in question [but now we're back inside of version 2.28.1091]. It's the second listed folder that failed to empty with 2.29.1111, and I can't say about the first listed folder. Currently, both empty successfully. P.S. Your snide tone not appreciated.
  3. Thanks for the "you aren't just imagining it" support. I have been having no complaints about the ealier version I reinstalled (right over the existing one). It's v2.28.1091 - installer available here http://www.filehippo.com/download_ccleaner/6952/
  4. I looked at other forum entries related to this problem and tried the suggested fixes... checking/unchecking the 'recursive' option [and by the way, what this means is not very obvious, so how about some note of explanation for that right there on the UI??], etc. In my experience the problem seems far worse than for other posters. For a long time I have had a particular folder specified to be emptied. It has several subfolders in it. In prior versions, no problem - and in my case, it never mattered whether the subfolders themselves were deleted (as long as they got emptied). With this version, I have seen both of these outcomes occur: 1. nothing at all in the folder gets deleted; 2. while one or two (of twelve) subfolders and their contents get deleted, all else remains. What I have not seen is successful completion of what the feature was supposed to do - and always did do in earlier versions. Seems to me that something pretty basic, given what CCleaner is, has been messed up here. I am returning to an older version. If for the next version after 2.29.1111 some note is posted indicating that this flaw has been fixed, I'll reconsider then.
  5. Works. Totally! Here's the material I found where you pointed me: This is the parameter to use in shortcuts, batch files, or in Task Scheduler (including the quotes) (three examples included): "C:\Program Files\CCleaner\CCleaner.exe" /AUTO "%ProgramFiles%\CCleaner\CCleaner.exe" /AUTO "C:\Progra~1\CCleaner\CCleaner.exe" /AUTO and then I created a New --> Shortcut on my desktop using the first example provided as its command line. The process even pulled up the proper icon all by itself (less work for Pixelwizard). Thanks so much for the instruction, Hazelnut.
  6. Chiming in as pro-one-click. Not interested in reviewing what is about to be deleted and annoyed by so many clicks needed to make the CCleaner do its thing. Disagree-ers need not use a one-click button! Actually, I enrolled in this forum specifically to ask for something that doesn't involve running the Issues function. What I'd want is a method of creating a desktop shortcut that would be, essentially, the equivalent of the current "Run CCleaner" context menu entry already available for the Recycle Bin except not restricted placement in that context menu. Or I'm suggesting that such a shortcut be offered the next version.
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