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  1. Can you include a command to run secure deletion of already deleted files and folders? I'd like to do it both on a single folder or on entire HD.
  2. I think it's a good idea too. Cleaning all temp often means clean files in use, but cleaning only temp older than 48h means that most of them are not in use for 47h and 59min. So I think that there could be an editable box (hh:mm or choices: 3min, 1h, 48h) to set the minimal age a temp file or folder can have to be deleted...
  3. Try using the program "Mil Shield" once, and then return using regularly CCleaner. On my PC, history item that seems to be not deletable disappeared. Mil Shield is not totaly free, but you can use it for several days.
  4. I had the same problem using previous version of CC. But now, with may 17th's release, all seems OK. Did you completely uninstalled old versions before installing last one?
  5. I'm thinking about the announced new software title...secret... what could it be? mmmhh...
  6. Where can I find CCleaner log? Today I found a useful program (Mil Shield) that removed data from index.dat without ask me to log off or log in as a particular user (my default user has administrator rights). So I realized that is possible to clean (not delete) index.dat with Windows XP running.
  7. If we clean Internet Cache and History with common methods, we don't clean them, but only make them not readable by browsers. Try using "Index.Dat Viewer" (http://www.scanraid.com/indexdat.htm) and see. I'd like a CCleaner version which could really wash history, inside index.dat. Bye!
  8. Searching the web for this problem, I read about some people having the same crash using Firefox, but they didn't write what version of IE had in their system.
  9. I downloaded A-Squared and A-Squared HiJackFree 2.1 and put them in my Pendrive. Until next monday I can't try them, because now I'm at home, but the presumed infected PC is in my office, in another town. I hope next monday I'll should post some useful news. Thanks! Bye
  10. I have the same problem. Every time I write the word "CCleaner", followed by Enter in Windows, the program will close. If I right click the CCleaner folder, it close. If I write www.CCleaner.com in IE, or other browsers, they close. I'm writing from another PC, becouse i can't click on a link named or containing CCleaner.
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