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  1. Did download it, but unfortunately it's (only?) in English.
  2. Well I've tried about anything and it did not help. So, for fun I tried to download IE8 again. And yes, it works again. Therefore the suggestion "you cannot go back from IE8 to IE7" is 100% right!. I will leave it that way. Now I have a back-up Browser for FF.
  3. Nice of you to find something like that in Dutch But I'm not able to use this option for know reasons
  4. Thanks! I will try this to when noting seems to work/help.
  5. Davey, it is not possible to open Internet Options (doesn't work too). Will check those 2 links.
  6. Well, yesterday it was D-Day for my PC. I did put the Back-Up back on C. What I saw during the process made me smile a little, all my deleted files popped up again. When it was finished I clicked the IE Button, same Problems! It seems impossible to get it fixed. It could be right, you're not able to turn back from IE8 to IE7 again.
  7. Okay, I will use the Back Up feature this weekend (more time available), thanks.
  8. Just thought (again) of something. I did a system backup prior to the IE8 download (I think, I hope ) Does this backup include the registry keys etc? Worth trying or could it cause possible damage?
  9. davey, I do not use the Registry cleaner since I've been writing on this Forum. Only, when my PC starts up. CCleaner cleans the regular stuff and not the Registry's. (I think/hope). When I this afternoon downloaded IE7, I did after that the Reboot. Perhaps you are right with your remark "you can't go back from IE8". Note: I don't want IE8, just IE7 as a backup system for FF.
  10. I changed IE7 into IE8, bur ran into a lot of problems with IE8 and got fad up with it. So I changed to IE7 again. As usual I did the CCleaner scan and also the Registryscan and removed what was found. (but saved what it did remove in a file). While IE7 didn't work, I used the System Restore Point of one day before the change IE7->IE8. But that didn't help to. I did the 'search for damages and repair it' feature on the C-disc. No (better) result. I removed with the REVO Uninstaller, IE7 completely, did a reboot and downloaded IE7 new. No better result.
  11. Thanks Davey! But I already did a Malwarebytes scan (and got after that, SpySweeper and NOD32 to be blocking like crazy). And no Malware was found. I'll make a restore point for today and after that I do a restore 3 days before the problems started.
  12. Today I downloaded IE7 (again) en after that I tried if it would work, no I also did the 'search and repair' option on my C-disc. Didn't give a better result to. What do you suggest? Shall I perform a system restore with Date 2-3 days before the Problems started? Or better not?
  13. Just thought of something. I have downloaded (around the Problem Date) a dll file on my Computer (to the Desktop) that was for my wife's Computer. But it did not work on hers. Therefore I deleted it. But, could that have been of influence for todays Problems?
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