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  1. I understand perfecly what you mean, but since the two processes, Analize and Run,

    are using i suppose the same "routine", i think would be a complication for developers

    give future and past to the word "remove".



    The point is, Whiteshark, that it is currently a complication for me, albeit a very small one, but one nonetheless.


    I'm sure all bugs are complications for developers. That's why they're developers, so they can fix problems =)

  2. I'm not so familiar with english language, but really can't understand how this

    may be considered a bug. There are two strings in headers:


    "xxMB to be removed"


    "Note: No files have been deleted yet"





    In English, when you say something is "to be" done, it has not happened yet. It will happen in the future.


    When you say "to be removed," nothing has been removed yet, but something may be removed in the future.



    When you click "Analyze," it says "... to be removed," but it says "Removed Cookie: [ address ]." In that context, the cookie has already been removed, when nothing has happened yet.


    That is the bug.

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