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  1. Safari from Apple, Can I delete the temporary files on Safari? Deleting the temporary internet files are the most important part of CCleaner. Thanks
  2. Hi: realize that this may not be too high on the priority list, but Textpad is one of my favorite text editors, and UK produced software. I tested by exporting the "Recent File List" and "Recent Strings" registry keys under "HKCUSoftware\Helios\TextPad 5" to a ".reg" file, then changing to "TextPad 4" and merging the file. CCleaner then works when Textpad is checked under the CCleaner Options -> Applications tab. Hence, looks like changing the code to recognize the "Textpad 5" subkey too is all that is needed. Thank you so much for a great product. Best, BUGMENOT
  3. Same problem, works fine on my other drive and finds ~200 files. On C: drive when i press scan, the progress bar flashes on and off and there are no files displayed. There must be some files as this is my main drive and so files are regularly deleted. There are no error logs generated in the Recuva folder. Hope this helps
  4. When I sit down at a new computer to clean it out, it often has multiple profiles for multiple users. I really need to be able to select which USERPROFILE directories under "C:\Documents and Settings" I can clean out. I can clean "%userprofile%\Temp" and "%userprofile%\Temporary Internet Files" manually, or using a simple batch file like this: ===================== for /d %%a in ("c:\documents and settings\*") do echo RD /s "%a\Local Settings\Temp" for /d %%a in ("c:\documents and settings\*") do echo MKDIR "%a\Local Settings\Temp" for /d %%a in ("c:\documents and settings\*") do echo RD /s "%a\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files" for /d %%a in ("c:\documents and settings\*") do echo MKDIR "%a\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files" ===================== but this doesn't get all the other ancilliary program-related stuff CCleaner can get. How soon, if at all, can we expect support for multiple profiles? This might be a feature for CCPro, as I would pay for a tool like this.
  5. I agree 110% - as admin, I can see all the different users's temp-files and TIF folders and Firefox cache, but I can't use CCleaner to clean them.
  6. This only works as each user logs in. I want to be able to log in as administrator and Crap-Clean ALL the accounts on the computer in one pass.
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