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  1. You can find it on the 'builds' page here: https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/builds
  2. Hi When updating the Winapp2.ini today, i noticed (not for the first time) an asterix (*) next to some of the entries under the 'Applications' tab. I had a look in the Online Help section but could not find the significance of these? Do these have anything to do with the extra apps inspected by winapp2.ini, or something else? Anyone? Thanks
  3. If I understand you correctly, then the popo-up message should now say 'Please close Firefox AND Thunderbird to proceed'?
  4. Ditto. (I am also getting this.) As I normally do not close down FF, I 'x' the pop-up window on autopilot. Today, after a heavy session of downloads yesterday, I made sure FF is off - but the window still pops up.
  5. Yes, I have the same problem, using Win XP Pro (SP3). As there appears no feedback on this, here is my solution http://www.cpuid.com/softwares/pc-wizard.html PC-Wizard, which is a similar tool, has no such problems. Install it and drop Speccy.
  6. Hi I recently installed the latest version of CCleaner 2.17.853. Soon after, my Mailwasher program (for pre-viewing emails before download) started playing up with gmail accounts. I have boiled the problem down to the following .tmp file being removed by CCleaner 'registry issues': Problem: Missing MUI reference Data: C:\DOCUME~1\<myname>\LOCALS~\Temp\is-RJ58H.tmp\Mailwasher_Pro_tmp OK, what is being removed looks harmless .tmp, however, it is affecting the proper functioning Mailwasher. Anyone else? (I see no option to 'permanently ignore' this entry in CCleaner.)
  7. I will make a guess (as you do not make explicit) - that you are running CCleaner on Vista? The solution - right click on CCleaner icon and 'run as administrator'. Your issues will be removed permanently.
  8. Try running CCleaner as 'admin'. (Right click on CCleaner, and select 'run as administrator...' Does the problem persist?
  9. How can searching for 'issues' as an administrator (i.e. with greater access privileges) produce less issues? It looks like an un-natural consequence to me.
  10. I am not complaining about 'running as admin' - this appears to be normal for a number of other programs too. What I am concerned about is that two different sets of 'issues' are being reported by CCleaner - depending on who does the search. Even more surprising, the issues found for an administartor's search are a sub-set of those found when the analyisis is done by a normal user.
  11. Hi I'm running CCleaner (latest stable version) on Vista Business. I have discovered that in Vista I have to run 'as administrator' otherwise CCleaner does not remove ('fix') the issues. I accidentally discovered that checking for 'issues' as administrator gives different results than running it as a normal user. I have attached two screen images, the first listing the issues 'as admin' and the second as a normal user. What gives?
  12. Backdrop - I don't like the Win XP look. So I have elected to have the 'Classic look'. Every time I do a 'Cleaner' operation with the History option selected, CCleaner (1.40.520) finds C:\Documents and Settings\<my name>\Local Settings\History\History.IE5\desktop.ini 113 bytes If I delete this - next re-boot time I'm back to square one with the XP look. For now, I have unselected the 'History' option, to stop this from happening. However, it means I cannot clean up other legitimate gunk belonging to this category. Anyone else? I'm quite sure this is a 'bug' - as the desktop.ini file is not something you clean up every session.
  13. As I explained, I have been running my setup for about 2 years with no problems. I also think that it has nothing to do with the 'run cleaner', as I can see (and understand) the files that are being cleared. I am a little reluctant to try this - as we are talking about my main work machine. However, as soon as I pick up enough courage, I'll do it and report here. Watch this space.
  14. I have been using CCleaner (I have the latest version 1.38.485) without problems for a couple of years. So much so that i do not even look at the 'analyse' details any more... I just 'run Cleaner' However, as of yesterday evening, i've had a crisis of confidence... All my mail folders in Thunderbird (TB disappeared after a 'Issues' scan and clean. Fortunatelly, this morning, after a 'restore', my Mail Folders are all back. However, I dare not use CCleaner again. All 19 'issues' are of the sort 'Uninstaller Reference Issue' {random-string-of-alphanumerics} HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Management\ARPCache\{random-looking-alphanumeric-string} The problem is - I did *not* install (or uninstall) Thunderbird. These issues are 'phantom' issues. Anyone know how this comes about.? More importantly, how do I proceed - without having to dump CCleaner altogether. I like CCleaner, i'd rather keep using it.
  15. I did not consciously select any option. I unzipped the .zip file and put the contents [with all the default settings] into a directory. I have tried deleting the whole directory and 're-installing' (i.e. re-unzipping) but has not done any good. Where do I find this 'do not save .ini option? There are 7 .ini files in total - portable.ini, CCleaner.ini, CCportable.ini, winapp.ini, winapp2.ini, winreg.ini, winsys.ini . Thanks
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