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  1. This would be a bug with CCleaner v2.10 and with Firefox 3.0 when you view sites some times urls are not found now with urls that are not found some times they go over here on top click History, then - Show All History, now you have a box that pops open that says Library now at the bottom you will see something that says Unsorted Bookmarks now them sites that get placed in there they do not get cleaned as you will see them urls in your drop down Address Bar all the time witch is annoying they just build up and you just keep seeing them with all other sites you go to

  2. no i will never install Windows Media Player 11 i do not like it i stick with Windows Media Player 10 also X Codec Pack version 2.2.0 build 514 that can be found here http://www.xcodecpack.net/ and also i install XP Codec Pack 2.3.8 that can be found here http://www.xpcodecpack.com/download , now as to the sites on Firefox 3.0 when viewing websites they get saved in the bar thing if you click on the pont down thing you will see them same as always in any FireFox or Internet explore or any web Browser but when you close Firefox 3.0 and run your CCleaner then open Firefox 3.0 and click the thing on the top you see all the sites still you viset it that needs to be fixed when they release a new CCleaner Build

  3. A big bug with CCleaner v2.08.588 with Mozilla Firefox 3.0 please read



    well as for me im staying with Mozilla Firefox for the time being tell they fix with Mozilla Firefox 3.0 if you click to watch a video with a pop up in its own box you have nothing but problams on viewing it take for a exaple i found on wwe.com if you try watching a video they wont load and Mozilla Firefox it works fine . but puting that a side also what i found out that needs to be fixed in CCleaner with Mozilla Firefox 3.0 sites you view you know how they get saved in the address bar where you would type in a site with CCleaner v2.08.588 it dose not clean them up they just stay in the menu bar part there

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