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  1. I want to DELETE the listed cookies,not block them.
  2. I tried Firefox 2 years ago and it was a disaster,i`ll spare you the details----never again.
  3. All the other cookies delete no problem. Windows XP PRO Version 2.32.1165 IE browser Adobe/macromedia is/has always been ticked. Some examples of the cookies that don`t ever delete: atdmt.com bluestreak.com c1.zedo.com com.com revsci.com zedo.com inetfast.com winamilliondollars.com trafficmp.cpm download.com counter.hitslink.com wtnj.worldnow.com
  4. Hi, I have about 20 cookies that CCLEANER "never" deletes.I`ve had this software for about 4 years now and the 20 or so cookies still never delete. If anyone knows why they never delete---please clue me in. Thanks for any help.
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