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  1. Hi,

    Recently uninstalled Chrome in Windows 7 thru windows uninstall process,but all chrome cleaning options are still in Cleaner list.

    I even went into REGEDIT and found 4 related chrome entries there and deleted them,and it`s still on ccleaner list.

    It`s apparent Google chrome spreads it`s tentacles real deep on any operating system it`s installed on and getting rid of "all" of it`s tentacles is difficult.

    I know this is "not" a ccleaner bug since it`s just picking up some leftover chrome entries.

    Anyone here have any way of getting rid of all chrome leftover entries so chrome won`t show up on ccleaner list?


    Thanks for any help.

  2. I am for giving an option to disable active monitoring in the installer too.

    That said, I installed version 5.01 yesterday just to get Firefox 34 cleaning improvements and it was easy enough to just disable the active monitoring stuff.Afew clicks and done.Apparently you only have to disable it one time and the program remembers that on future updates.

  3. You might want to go into your Regedit,if you`re running Windows, and check your software registry entries for anything Avast.If you do and find anything Avast,just delete it and see if that helps.

    Be very careful if you go into Regedit and know exactly what you are doing since any mistakes made there could harm the operating system.

    I`ve found many useless registry entries on my pc,using regedit, from programs uninstalled long ago.

    CCleaner still picks up Avast 6 & 8 on my pc too even though I run Avast 2015. Since it is cleaning Avast,I just leave well enough alone since it`s not harming anything that I know of.

  4. Just installed V. 5.01 for the very first time just to get firefox 34 cleaning improvements.

    I was using V. 4.17 before.

    Wow---major GUI difference.But really not as bad as I`d thought it would be.Just went in and turned off all the active monitoring stuff since I don`t want another program taking resources in task manager,and I don`t need active monitoring since I clean manually 3 times daily.

    Would be nice if they offered a GUI option.It is tougher on the eyes with it`s brightness.

    Seems many programs are doing the Windows 8-8.1 metro look thing now, even though most don`t want/like it.

    I wanted to resize the GUI to a smaller size by doing the pointer on borders thing,but it won`t resize like 4.17 did.

    Anyway to resize it?

  5. I just use CCleaner 4.17 and (moderated) free for nice eyecandy---very pleasing colors in their GUI.

    If CCleaner does`nt change the GUI and give an option for disabling active monitoring on install, it`ll be (moderated) for me permanent.


  6. I have a ccleaner listing of avast 6 and 8 also even though I run avast 2015.It is cleaning avast though.Does`nt seem to be doing any harm so I leave it alone  and keep both checked.

    Also have a ccleaner listing for perfectdisk 12.5 even though I uninstalled it long ago and even went into regedit and deleted the registry key.Again not doing any harm so I just unchecked it.

  7. As title updated ccleaner but turned off automatic system monitoring don't want this option.

    Now PC will not close down have to turn of the power , can't find anyone else reporting this problem.

    Have gone back to older version which has always worked perfectly.


    Windows 7 64bit.

    Smart of you to go back to older version,many others have also.

    I`m staying with version 4.17.

    Since they`ve added system monitoring,too many problems have evolved.They should have kept what was working.

  8. I have 3 PCs (Win7 Home Pre, Win 7 Pro and Win 8.1). All PCs are already using the latest version 4.19.4867.

    The Win 7 Home PC suddenly displayed a pop-up window saying a new version of CCleaner () is available, click the Upgrade button to get it.

    I was surprised by the pop-up window, not displaying the installed version # and just gave me an Upgrade button.

    Naturally, I did not click on this button. Instead, I went separately to Piriform website and looked up.

    No new version available as I am already using the latest.


    My 2 other PCs do not have this problem, however.


    What is going on?


    A week ago, I had the same PC gave me the same pop-up window.

    So I reformatted the HDD and installed Windows from scratch.

    I installed the usual programs, with the AVG Internet Security software.

    I thought this new install should fix this message. Apparently it does not.


    Does anyone have this experience?

    What should I do?



    Prevent a headache as many have had with the newer versions "system monitoring" and updates,and you may want to go back to version 4.17 for now until they get all the bugs fixed with the newest version.

  9. EVERY DAY the damn monitoring tells me an update is available AND it is the SAME version I have.......I installed it 3 times before I noticed!!!!


    I had to exit ALL monitoring to stop it!!


    I have used CCleaner for many years but this is getting OLD!!


    Help me here if there's a "FIX" for this!!


    Thanks in advance!!



    You could just go back to version 4.17 for now,as many have done.No monitoring crap in 4.17 and none of the many problems that have evolved since they added system monitoring.

  10. I`ll be staying with version 4.17 until they stop with the system monitoring being turned on by default,if they they ever do it at all.

    We all have enough programs running on our pc`s sucking our system resources.Sure don`t want another one.

    I realize some users like the system monitoring on by default,but many also would like it turned "off" by default with the option to turn it on.


    have you try ccleaer v4.13 before you apply the registry fix?

    according to the latest changelog,

    • Improved handling of removed and unmounted disks


    I have not tried version 4.13 yet.My "D" drive is "mounted"/internal,and the changelog states improved handling for removed and "un"mounted disks.

    My "D" drive was never removed either.

    I`m just glad i found the registry fix,it was easy to do,but I searched for over 3 weeks for the fix.

    I was amazed to find that hundreds of other people on youtube had the same problem,mostly with other apps,but they all had the same annoying "no disc in drive" alert,and now they don`t with the registry fix.

    Some trying to help in this forum said it`s just a Windows bug and certain apps,like ccleaner bring it out.Could be very true.I never had the problem running Windows XP PRO in my old pc for several years,and Slimcleaner ran ok with "no" disc alerts,so who knows.Everyones computer setup is uniquely different.


    Just thought i add,for those who may have this problem in the future----I`m running Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 with all the latest updates,so the registry fix works for that setup,and the youtube video I found the fix from was running Windows 7 too.

  12. I have a  thread here on "no disc in drive D" from ccleaner everytime i played a cd in my D drive and then when i opened ccleaner i`d get that annoying message.I always had to reboot my pc to get rid of that message.

    Found the solution on youtube and it`s just a registry tweak that solves it.There were hundreds of other people having the same problem with that annoying message on youtube with a "variety of others apps" including ccleaner.


    Go to:



    After opening error mode the default value number is 0.Just change that number to 2,click ok and reboot.


    It works and the annoying "no disc in drive D" never pops up anymore.As i mentioned,this fix will work for any "app" that pops up a "no disc in drive" alert.


    Best of all i can now use CCLEANER again with no worries of having to remember "did i use my "D" cd drive recently"?

    I had been using Slimcleaner in place of ccleaner since i never had any "no disc in drive" alerts with it.

    After using both i prefer Ccleaner.


    For those "not" wanting to get into their registry--just "don`t" do the fix.

    I`m just posting this here in case others have the same problem and want a fix.When getting into your registry,be very careful and know what you are doing.Any changes you make you are doing so at your own risk.



  13. Yeah,i just opened CC and went into the "settings" category and you`re right,it detects the drives,but it detects the floppy drive and both my hard drives only.

    Just to note,i have 2 optical drives, the cd drive is "D",and the dvd/cd drive is "E".

    I noticed i can run a cd or dvd in the "E" drive,then run CC and it runs ok--"no" "no disc in drive" problem at all.

    It`s just when i play a cd in the "D" drive and then run CC is when in get the  "no disc in drive D" problem.

    I`m still trying to figure a fix for this when i have time since i like CC better than Slimcleaner,even though Slimcleaner runs fine and does "not' give me any no disc in drive problems at all.

    Slimcleaner has some added unnecessary bloatware i don`t like.

  14. It's a very old Windows bug, it's just that some software such as CCleaner, etc., will reveal it.


    You could also try to reboot to see if it goes away (useful if you always have your computer running). Or shutdown, and then start your computer.

    I tried rebooting/shutdown also,still get the " ccleaner.exe no disc in drive D" message after playing a cd in my D drive and it freezes it, and i have to reboot to get it working again.After i click "restart",windows asks to forcefully shut down "ccleaner.exe" and i click yes,then it will restart.

    Might be a windows bug,but i have "no" "no disc in drive" problems at all with Slimcleaner.

  15. I tried the blank disc thing several times and it still gives me the "no disc in drive D" warning,and i still have to reboot to get it working again.

    I`ve been using Ccleaner for years on my XP PRO pc with no problems at all.

    With my new Windows 7 pc,this problem started.All physical connections to the drive are real secure and the drive works properly.

    I want to keep CCleaner,but i can`t tolerate having to reboot my pc everytime to get CCleaner to work again,so i installed SlimCleaner for now and there are no drive problems at all with that.

    I`ve seen other people online have/had the same "no disc in drive" problem with CC by googling i the problem and no one seems to have a real fix for it.

    I`m still keeping CC on my machine in case someone finds a fix for it but i won`t be using it until then.

    If anyone has any other suggestions,please mention them.


  16. Hi,

    Everytime after i get done playing a cd in my D drive and then run CC afterwards a warning pops up "ccleaner.exe - no disk in drive D". I click to cancel and nothing happens,so i have to kill the process in task manager,and then the warning comes back again after i click the Ccleaner icon.Only solution so far is to reboot the pc.

    I`ve checked the "hide warning messages" and it still does it.I`ve uninstalled and reinstalled Ccleaner and same problem happens.

    Running Windows 7 home premium.

    Any fixes for this problem? Rebooting my pc everytime after i play a cd is wearing thin.

  17. Are you using TACO or Beef TACO or any other Opt-Out addon?


    if so it creates those exact cookies with the opt-out flag ticked those are always there b/c the browser remakes them each time :)


    Are you joking? TACO OR BEEF TACO? No--i don`t have those opt out add ons.

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