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  1. How do you add the custom location for applications? I can't find out how to do it
  2. All of my cookies are being deleted including all of those on the to keep list I am using Vista.
  3. I can't do as he suggested as I do not run ccleaner on start up
  4. I am having the same problem too Everytime I reboot I have lost all my personalised settings even though I have never had this problem before, but it was until I updated to IE8 I am using Vista ultimate.
  5. Thanks everyone. It is because I installed for me only. Shame as I had to reinstall OO to get CCleaner to work. Thanks again
  6. I am using the latest version of CCleaner, but I do not have the option to clean Open Office even though it should do and I have Open Office installed and it is version 2.1. Any advice?
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