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  1. I use CCleaner and was wondering if it's safe to delete old registration entries that are stored in the document's section. Thanks!
  2. Is there anyone here that can design a Firefox theme ? I'm a HUGE Nascar fan ,but I know that you have to get permission from Nascar to use their name ,so I would like something pertaining to motorsports . -------------------------------------------------------------- Here is my idea ... The base would be black (the track) The go ahead button would be green flag The back button would be yellow flag The refresh button would be a car doing victory donut's The stop button a red flag The home button victory lane The go to address in location bar would be a ra
  3. I'm looking for FREE software . As in 100% free ,not trial . I'm interested in item's for cleaning the computer ,as well as for privacy and safety.
  4. I read where there are at least a couple F1 fan's (Andavari being one) so I thought that I would see if anyone likes Nascar My favorite is Carl Edwards .I have been a fan since 1993.My first favorite was Davey Allison (RIP)
  5. VERY ashamed to say that it was when my 17 year old son got on my computer while I was gone and went on some "site's" that he SHOULD NOT of been on . He doesn't know a whole lot about computer's( not that I'm a computer genius mind you) I went to use my bookmark's ,accidently clicked the history instead and when I saw porn site's on my history . My entire computer had to be wiped clean .The D drive was SO infected that the computer guy had to switch it to my H drive . Needless to say that now when ever I go any where I take my mouse with me . Who ever invented the wireless m
  6. If you mix Peanut Butter & jelly in a jar then why not just buy some "Goober Grape Jelly" ? I wish they made it in Strawberry
  7. They have a house built out of a silo in Rogersville,TN .
  8. A friend suggested that I download CCleaner ,as I had some pesky item's that refused to go away even after being removed from my add/remove .I had instruction's on how to use CCleaner for the first time . I used it and found thing's on the list that I had taken from the add/remove program ,so I had no trouble about leaving them checked to be removed from my computer ,BUT I still have ALOT of thing's that are showing up on the list that I unchecked ,so it wouldn't be removed, as I didn't know if these item's should be removed or not. What are these thing's that showed up on the CClea
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