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  1. Good morning, i installed last version of CCleaner 5.20, but it doesn't detect Vivaldi browser as shown in Release notes. v5.20.5668 (19 Jul 2016) - Added Vivaldi browser cleaning Vivaldi is installed on C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Vivaldi Can someome helps me? Thank you all
  2. thank you luik, yes, i'm using last version 2.31 workaround works fine
  3. hello, I'm using last version of Opera browser, 10.53 and i noted that CCleaner delete the icon of search engine on in search bar. How can i avoid that? thank you to everybody
  4. the newest version CCleaner v2.23.999 works perfect! thank you!
  5. the newest version CCleaner v2.23.999 works perfect! thank you!
  6. the newest version CCleaner v2.23.999 works perfect! thank you!
  7. yes, Opera has been installed in its default location because has been installed in two pc, in one of them never installed before. have a nice day
  8. hello to everybody, i just want to notice that CCleaner latest version 2.23.993, doesn't work with latest Opera version 10.00 Build 1733. thank you for attention have a nice day
  9. Willi

    Delete subfolder

    i dont have CCleaner.ini, should i modify windows registry? thank you
  10. Hello, i need your help for a simple question. How can i delete a subfolder in a folder? For example: i want to delete all file in C:\Nuova cartella\ included all files in C:\Nuova cartella\Nuova cartella\ Directory of C:\Nuova cartella\ C:\Nuova cartella\Nuovo Text Document (2).txt C:\Nuova cartella\Nuovo Text Document (3).txt C:\Nuova cartella\Nuovo Text Document.txt C:\Nuova cartella\Nuova cartella\Nuovo Text Document.txt 2 Dir(s) 4 File(s) 0 bytes if i use add folder option i can delete all files *.* in C:\Nuova cartella\ but not file in C:\Nuova cartella\Nuova car
  11. I am sorry, i didn't want to be rude, i just wanted to emphasize the i know that CCleaner mark for deletion that files, and i know that you all try to help me and for that i thank you. Sorry again and thanks for support
  12. I know that! in fact in win98 i can see mark for deletion, but using winXP i can see ONLY Marked for deletion: C:\Documents and Settings\username\Cookies\index.dat no other... thanks
  13. englishmen, i know that windows recreating the index.dat file of 32kb, but unfortunately the file is the same also after reboot and the content is visible using a tool f.e. index.dat viewer, so the file is neither cleaned nor deleted anyway thanks for reply
  14. Hello, i use CCleaner in win98 and i am satisfied about it, but unforunately using CClener in WinXP, it doesn't delete index.dat file stored in C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files can someone help me? thanks a lot to everybody
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