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  1. A couple of bugs occur after every registry cleaning: 1) the "Music" folder is no more associated to its icon, and I need have it restored with a manual operation 2) the "Music" text is no longer in the language I got Vista installed with (Italian, in my case). It rolls back to the "core" language, being it English. Here is a screenshot of the bug: This occurs each and every time I make a simple "complete" registry cleaning under Windows Vista 32-bit, with always the latest version of CCleaner 2 portable version. FYI, I did not try under other OSes.
  2. let's just hope they fix all these things quite soon, otherwise my Windows Vista will become full of crap in a snap.
  3. It still doesn't fix this bug in Vista Ultima 64-bit: CCleaner still can't repair all registry errors.
  4. can't wait for it to be released
  5. Hi, the same thing happens to me in Vista Ultimate x64. How can I solve the issue? Thanks.
  6. I have a problem Vista Ultimate 64-bit. I can't delete 31 problems (ranging from "default icon is invalid" to "activeX/COM problem"). CCleaner keeps on prompting them... sorry if translations of problem are not 100% accurate but I'm using the Italian version of CCleaner.
  7. The same happens to me with Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit and the latest 1.37.something version of CCleaner!
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