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    registry help

    When I run the registry editor I constantly have the same entry for about 2 weeks. It says AC76BA86-7AD7-5464-3428-800000000003 Microsft/windows/current version/App Management/arp cache After upgrading mozilla I had to do an uninstall and reinstall. Also the same with my antivirus software. I wonder if you can help me figure this out and advise me what to do. I have a constant buzz in the PC since. Thanks kaminikij
  2. I just updated to firefox3.0.3 ( not much of a happy camper so far but hopefully they will work out the bugs.)Anyway I just installed adobe shockwave flash but I noticed even tho CC shows the plugin installed, in the cc application optionsfor firefox there is no option to delete the plugin files.I am also having a hard time blocking the cookies that I normally blocked in previous versions. I am just concerned that something isnt right because the option was always there before. Thanks if you can help.I am using CC's latest version. kaminikij
  3. kaminikij

    adobe flash

    when I scan with cc it changes my flash settings. Is this normal? I have since unchecked it in applications. thanks kaminikij
  4. kaminikij

    error logs

    It shows its enabled. I havedisabled and then reenabled and that doesnt help.
  5. kaminikij

    error logs

    thanks. I found that also. thats why I 'm here. I dont have a clue.
  6. kaminikij

    error logs

    you have helped me here many times before so I am turning to you again for help. After using CC today my computer is feeling strange. In my event logs this is what it says Product: Windows Operating System ID: 4118 Source: Ci Version: 5.0 Component: Application Event Log Symbolic Name: MSG_CI_CONTENTSCAN_FAILED Message: A content scan could not be completed on %1. Explanation This event record indicates that the files in the listed directory might be missing from the index. User Action Manually start a full rescan. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Currently there are no Microsoft Knowledge Base articles available for this specific error or event message. For information about other support options you can use to find answers online, see http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx. I dont understand what this means and how to restart the service. There are over 20 of the same entry. If you can help, thanks kaminikij
  7. niether worked couldnt extract the file from system internals and didnt defrag with index service off. Went back into event log and found 6 errors for wmi adapter and 2 for com1. Think I need more than a defrag!
  8. I will try them both and let you no. Again and again thanks for helping.
  9. windows system 32 config 169 fragments, documents & settings 26 fragments documents and setting 11 fragments and windows update
  10. why would it keep telling me I need to defragment? And I have always ran defrag from my system menu.
  11. no there are hardly any red bars. Its weird because to me it looks rather empty. But it feels like it needs to be defrgged. Disk check ran rather quickly too, I thought. I think I am the administrator. ( Here's the part were you find out what a dummy I am) No sure. A friend suggested I have a corrupt profile but I dont know what that could mean or if it could be so.
  12. Thanks so much for helping. Even after doing all that (except viewin winligon logs) No go. Its runs to compressing files 43% the pops up the defrag is complete. My hard drive?
  13. So sorry. Windows xp sp2. This is a report I just copied. Volume (C:) Volume size = 74.50 GB Cluster size = 4 KB Used space = 5.48 GB Free space = 69.02 GB Percent free space = 92 % Volume fragmentation Total fragmentation = 17 % File fragmentation = 35 % Free space fragmentation = 0 % File fragmentation Total files = 21,007 Average file size = 307 KB Total fragmented files = 1 Total excess fragments = 2 Average fragments per file = 1.00 Drive c Pagefile fragmentation Pagefile size = 1.96 GB Total fragments = 3 Folder fragmentation Total folders = 1,978 Fragmented folders = 1 Excess folder fragments = 0 Master File Table (MFT) fragmentation Total MFT size = 84 MB MFT record count = 23,011 Percent MFT in use = 26 % Total MFT fragments = 2 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fragments File Size Files that cannot be defragmented None
  14. when I click analyze in the defrag it tells me I need to defrag. When I view the report there are a lot of files there. When I defrag it takes less then a minute but when its done the view report is clean. But after i reboot my computer and check again it tells me I need to defrag and again the view report is full. This has been going on for a week or so. Last month no problem. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks so much. kaminikij
  15. For anyone else that may have the problem I found out it was a matter of disabling the image tool bar in IE. Took me a month to find out!
  16. On several of the sites I use an icon(I think thats what you would call it) loads. Its a rectangular object with the icons of a camera, printer, mail, and my pictures. Its driving me crazy not knowing what this is and how to get rid of it. Could someone please give me clue? Is this normal? Thanks so very much if you can help kaminikij
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