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    CCleaner v2.17

    Thank you so much hazelnut, and such a speedy reply. I have read it through and it explains it perfectly...I have bookmarked that page too.
  2. kinty

    CCleaner v2.17

    I have just updated the new version. I would like to know when I use the Startup section under Tools, what the difference is between Disable and Delete. I know it should be obvious, but what I want to do is stop so many things running in the background and slowing down my computer. So basically can I use this section for that and does Delete get rid of it from the computer. Which of course we dont want. And obviously as you can all see I know diddlesquat about the innards of computers, and would hate to delete something I shouldn't. Thanks for any help you can give me.
  3. I downloaded the Beginners Guide but I dont see it when I open CCleaner.....it is in the folder but I assumed it would attach itself to the main CC window...
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