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  1. Hi Glenn Thanks for ponting this out. basically I agree, if for only to keep CCleaner consistent. See my earlier reply in the string. Regards EJJ
  2. JD your a true scholar! Fantastic, worked a treat. Thanks very much. I noted Glenn's comment in the next message that perhaps it should be titled "Adobe Shockwave Player". It's a odd one, because in the registry neither Flash Player nor Shockwave are listed in HKCU under Adobe, they are both still listed seperately under a "Macromedia" entry (plus of course Adobe still retain the Macromedia label). However to keep things consistent, I renamed it "Adobe Shockwave Player, by changing the first line in winapp2 file you got me to make. This might be worth taking onboard as a future mod
  3. Hi JD Thanks for your help, much appreciated. I am not a Software guru I so I am a bit nervous about downloading the winnapp2 file. Is there a lot involved in this? Is it literally just a case of downloading the file and saving it? If so where do I save it to? Any advice greatly received! Regs EJJ
  4. Today I updated my CCleaner to version 1.37.456 (updated from the previous latest version 1.34). I don't know if this has anything to do with the issue I describe below. I installed Adobe Flash Player before I originally installed CCleaner (v1.34 something). In the "Cleaner Settings" screen, "Applications" Tab, under "Multimedia" , Adobe Flash Player is listed ok as expected. Here is my problem: before I updated CCleaner today, I installed Adobe Shockwave Player (Version I then updated CCleaner to 1.37.456. I have noticed that CCleaner has not listed Shockwave Player u
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