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  1. Hi Glenn Thanks for ponting this out. basically I agree, if for only to keep CCleaner consistent. See my earlier reply in the string. Regards EJJ
  2. JD your a true scholar! Fantastic, worked a treat. Thanks very much. I noted Glenn's comment in the next message that perhaps it should be titled "Adobe Shockwave Player". It's a odd one, because in the registry neither Flash Player nor Shockwave are listed in HKCU under Adobe, they are both still listed seperately under a "Macromedia" entry (plus of course Adobe still retain the Macromedia label). However to keep things consistent, I renamed it "Adobe Shockwave Player, by changing the first line in winapp2 file you got me to make. This might be worth taking onboard as a future mod to the winapp2 download zip file? Thanks again, I owe you (but somehow I don't think I will be able to!) Best regards EJJ
  3. Hi JD Thanks for your help, much appreciated. I am not a Software guru I so I am a bit nervous about downloading the winnapp2 file. Is there a lot involved in this? Is it literally just a case of downloading the file and saving it? If so where do I save it to? Any advice greatly received! Regs EJJ
  4. Today I updated my CCleaner to version 1.37.456 (updated from the previous latest version 1.34). I don't know if this has anything to do with the issue I describe below. I installed Adobe Flash Player before I originally installed CCleaner (v1.34 something). In the "Cleaner Settings" screen, "Applications" Tab, under "Multimedia" , Adobe Flash Player is listed ok as expected. Here is my problem: before I updated CCleaner today, I installed Adobe Shockwave Player (Version I then updated CCleaner to 1.37.456. I have noticed that CCleaner has not listed Shockwave Player under "Multimedia" ("Cleaner Settings" screen, "Applications" Tab). Flash Player is still listed ok (it is still installed), but no Shockwave Player. Does anyone know a solution for this that will allow Shockwave Player to be listed by CCleaner? Is it a case that CCleaner does not recognise any applications installed AFTER CCleaner is installed? Many thanks to anyone who can throw some light on the problem (if indeed it is a problem!) and help me to correct it. Regards EJJ
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