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    TypeLib Problem

    Thankyou for replying. I will try excluding it when I run ccleaner again.
  2. lljwagg

    TypeLib Problem

    Thankyou in advance for any replies. I have a problem, CCleaner cleaned everything up but one registry key will not clear, it keeps re-appearing in the 'problem' list after cleaning the registry and cannot be removed. This is what is left in CCleaner: Missing TypeLib Reference IVideoWindow - {B9AA1F11-F480-4054-A84E-B5D9277E40A8} HKCR\Interface\{56A868B4-0AD4-11CE-B03A-0020AF0BA770} Do I need to either re-install something? If so, How and what? Or, is there a way to clear this item (I've tried many times already). In cleaning my laptop, have I removed something I shouldn't have? I've never had a problem with CCleaner before and I have been using it since 2004. Please be gentle with me, I am an older person and I am not as tech savvy as some of you (lol!). Thankyou again x I am using the latest CCleaner version v 3.27.1900 (64 bit)
  3. I did as you suggested - but still no joy. I'm beginning to wonder if it is a Vista bug, a 'dead' key that I will have to find manually (though I really wouldn't know where to begin tbh) I opened the regeditor and tried to do a search, but nothing comes up. I am totally confused as to why an Obsolete software key would be 'named' as shown, as if the pc doesn't know what it is. Am I right in thinking that is a key is obsolete it should be easy/safe to delete? I don't even know why/how this happened, it just did for no apparant reason. Could it possibly be to do with the fact that I had to roll back my version of CCleaner (as I am on Vista Home Premium)? As you can tell.....I am trying to get to the bottom of the problem. Thanx again in anticipation of any replies.
  4. That's the problem CCleaner CAN'T DELETE IT, it keeps coming back. With all those ????'s I can't even find it in the registry - despite following the intial route and trying a search. I don't know what it is myself. I was hoping someone might have seen this sort of thing before and been able to offer up some suggestions as to what it might be and how it can be removed.
  5. Hello everyone. I've got a blooming perplexing problem, I don't know what the hell this entry is or how to get rid of it. It keeps showing up on CCleaner, but when I click 'Fix Selected Issues' it just keeps coming back on the very next scan. I've done all the usual Virus checks and PC Clean ups, but this entry is still showing. Any ideas - anyone?? BTW I had to roll back to the last version of CCleaner because the latest one does not work too well with Vista. Here is the entry I am talking about: Thanx in Advance for any help with this.
  6. I have just rolled back to the last version of CCleaner that worked properly in Vista (v1.39.502). I have Vista Home Premium and the latest CCleaner does not work properly (it does however on XP). I'm sure it'll get sorted.
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