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  1. Hello, I am trying to setup a portable CCleaner install that can both do its job with as few clicks as possible and give me a satisfactory amount of feedback. You see I am an IT technician that often works on several boxes at once. With the current implementation of /AUTO you get no feedback as to whether the cleaning is finished or not. The only way to really tell is to open task manager and check for the process. That takes a lot of clicks and several precious seconds. Although I recognize the usefulness of this implementation in certain situations (like scheduled cleanings), it doesn't work for me. CCleaner can take anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes to do its job depending on the severity of the cleanup and the speed of the box. If I start some other hard drive intensive task (such as a spyware scan) before CCleaner finishes because I didn't know it was still going, the overall time it takes to be done with the computer will increase. Because, as we all know, running two HDD intensive tasks at the same time takes their efficiency down to less than 50%. What I'm requesting are a few additional options for example /AUTOV & /AUTOD. AUTOV would work the same as AUTO except the window would be visible during cleaning, then close when complete. With this method, the technician would know that the cleaning was finished if the windows was gone. AUTOD would work just like AUTO except instead of closing the process silently a box would pop up with some basic information about the just completed job (MB deleted, time taken etc). Also the window would have a close button, which would of course close the program and a "view log" button so the technician could check on anything that seemed odd, why the cleaning took so long etc. This would be ideal because the technician would know both that he had run CCleaner and that it had completed successfully. Giving the option to play a sound when the box pops would probably be a good idea although many of the systems I work on aren't hooked up to speakers. Thank you for reading and I hope you give serious thought to my suggestions. Keep up with the great work you're doing with CCleaner.
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